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  1. 4-man RNG drops

    I agree that the drops at 4 man do seem a little lackluster as running 4 man Poh I have only seen her outfit once and her eye patch 2 times in 40 runs, and most of the time the perfume drops are on par with 6 man. The problem with the current drop system is that it was designed for the original release of the game where there were multiple months between updates. We should probably have better daily rewards and dungeon rewards just because we are on such an accelerated update schedule to catch up with the other versions.
  2. Wondering does Korea server has bots?

    In this case, NCSoft is the developer as Team Bloodlust is their developer division. It does seem like NCSoft doesn't care about bots, but in general it is hard to get rid of them. Short of having in-game support who can ban the botters as they see them, not much can be done about them. They will always find a way around any system set in place to stop them. Most games get rid of their bots by taking away their profit. Right now BnS is so heavily reliant on gold that some people will go to the gold sellers, keeping the bots in the game. Of the games that I played recently (GW2 and SWTOR) there are still bots on there but not near as many as BnS just because money is so easy to get in those games.
  3. Animation Canceling is the core of dps as a destroyer, but it is far from the only thing you have to do in combat. The dps rotation is really only a small part of the fight in my experience. Just standing in one place to ani-cancel will get you killed on most bosses in 4 man, and the fact that most bosses like to move around a lot. I have to cycle through different resist skills/def increase skills with the use of either C, V, Tab, SS. Also as a destroyer I find that most people leave it up to me to CC a boss seeing as I can double stun and double knockdown and then keep the boss held for 4-6 seconds. As far as animation canceling goes in other games, Tera had it as well if you played a Slayer. Heart Thrust could be shortened with Overhand Strike, and Overhand Strike could be shortened with Eviscerate (Slayer is the only class I played). Vindictus also had animation canceling as a Lann (twin spears) using dodge to cancel attack and attacks to cancel dodge. I have been told Hurk can animation cancel as well but I never played Hurk. The reason people find it enjoyable is because they like having high dps in games. I personally enjoy the system because I don't have to have all these extra skills slotted to do as much damage as possible. Playing a Annihilation Marauder on SWTOR there are 10 skills in the dps roation, with 3 different rotations to go through (opener, dps, execute phase) as well as all my other defensive cooldowns. It is alot more taxing to me to maneuver around my keyboard then it is to fight the right pace to animation cancel. And as other people have stated already just mashing lmb and rmb as fast as you can will not give you animation canceling. If you do it too fast, as a destroyer, you will only ever use cleave.
  4. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    I like how the requirement you imposed for E fleet stops all progression past true profane.
  5. Ncoin Prepaid

    Strange I have never paid taxes for mine. If you live in a state that has a Amazon distributor than maybe that is why. A while back when Amazon and online shopping in general got big they changed it so that if there is a physical location of the store in your state you get taxed. I personally haven't looked at all the tax information, but that would explain why you were taxed.
  6. The only problem I have had that is the same is the constant driver failures. It started with Tera then moved to GW2 and Warframe, and finally even SWTOR was doing it. What fixed the problem for me (having a EVGA 970 FTW) is setting my clock speed down so that the boost clock while in game will be under 1300. For some reason, at least in my case, whenever my gpu went over 1300mhz the driver would start failing.
  7. NC Soft cards?

    I have no idea when NCSoft cards for BnS will come about, but if your talking about Ncoins you can always get them off Amazon (for US). What I normally do is go to CVS or someplace like that who sales amazon cards. You can use amazon funds to buy NCoins from amazon. The only problem that you may run into (and i forget as its been a few weeks since i purchased any), is that they may be considered the 1 click purchase. If so you will need to have a credit card of some type attached to amazon, but as long as you have amazon funds through gift cards your cc wont be used. As of right now it is the only way I know of to get prepaid ncoins.
  8. Ncoin Prepaid

    Also just a heads up if you do decide to try it, it can take awhile to process your transaction even using Amazon cash. The last time I bought Ncoins like 2 weeks ago it took 45ish minutes for the code to show up for me to use.
  9. Ncoin Prepaid

    My local CVS has 25, 50, 100 dollar variations of Amazon Cards, its with all the other gift cards. 7-11, Walmart, and Walgreen's probably also sells them as well, but I have never looked at those stores. The only thing you might have to do is put your Credit Card into Amazon for the 1 click purchase crap then remove it from your account after you buy the Ncoins (takes your Amazon money before charging credit card). Other than that I really don't know if there are other prepaid purchase options for Ncoins as like you states they don't seem to be in the normal stores.
  10. Ncoin Prepaid

    What I do is buy a Amazon prepaid card and use the Amazon funds to buy the Ncoin cards. So its like buying the Ncoin cards just a few extra steps.
  11. Worst Customer Support EVER.

    If OP is truthful on what happened I find it wrong that he was banned for something the buyer could have easily prevented, but there is nothing they can do about people who change loot rules to master loot at the very end of the dungeon. Yes OP was an ass by not giving 100% of the information to the buyer but the buyer should have seen the +25 additional damage on the gem and not bought it.
  12. The only argument I have against the instant max level boost would be the equipment that comes with them. It would be fine if they came with full infernal and Cinderlands 2 valor stone shield, but if they get something like True Profane with Moonwater 2 Valor stone shield it would be another thing entirely. From my experience with the instant boost (playing SWTOR) most of the people I ran into were players that already had other characters. Yes they did not really know how to play that class but they did know the mechanics of the bosses. I personally would not add them now with just having level cap of 45 and 5 HM levels. Instead do what WoW and SWTOR did and add them for boost to old cap when we get a new level cap.
  13. The only thing wrong with the RNG box is that the outfit cannot be traded (at least from what people have said). If they are having fun opening the boxes just let them be, and its not harming them. At the end of the day spending 2000 dollars on BnS is no different than spending 2000 dollars at Disney World.

    Sadly this happens on every game with people trying to get every little advantage. Even without the bid system people would roll on items that they don't need just to gain a little bit of extra money. The only thing you can do is not bid on an item when it goes out of your budget and pay attention to the bid. Just run the dungeon again because its bound to show up the next run (talking about the ring mainly).
  15. What we really need to have our block list uncapped past 50. It takes them all of 30 minutes to make 50 bots and fill up your list. Having a level 10 restriction will only hinder them for a short time. Honestly most games have a problem with spamming so I doubt there is anything they can really do to stop it completely. Of the game I play GW2 still has them whisper you as you go into a city and SWTOR still has them sending you mail with 1 cred attached.