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  1. Tiger Bracelet Question

    Sorry, if this has already been asked. I tried searching forums and Google to no avail. Tiger Bracelet says now that it gives its shoulder charge and roundhouse/cyclone kick buffs when "Continuum" is active. But it doesn't mention how to trigger Continuum and I'm unsure of what to do.
  2. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    If they're looking to maximize profit it'll be cross-platform (within regions) and they'll streamline upgrade paths through at least Aransu weapon. There are a lot of people playing on PCs that don't run the game well (mostly due to optimization) and there are a lot of current players with friends that could be recruited if console could play with PC. On top of that is the huge console playerbase that don't have high-end PCs who may be interested in playing. They just need to optimize the game and make gear progression not QUITE as insanely prohibitive, while maintaining cross-platform play to keep reasonable size populations in each region.
  3. So since I came back to the game about a month ago, I've had no problems. 64bit client running fantastically, 120fps at idle or while playing low-intensity/low-population areas, always at least 60fps in situations like raids. Yesterday I went to play after work and my FPS seems capped at 38 (such a strange number, but it was consistent) in 64bit client, no matter where I am, no matter what I do. Then in ANY combat (tried Naryu Sanctum and Mushin's Tower 13-15) I get slow-downs, frameskips, and screen freezes. 10-15fps at best in these scenarios. I had changed no settings at all prior to that, either in game client OR Windows. I tried a full uninstall and reinstall. The problem persists. I loaded up 32bit client and I have 120fps in low-population areas and 70ish in places like Mushin's Tower. What's the deal with the 64bit client, why would it suddenly stop working? EDIT: My laptop: Windows 10 64bit i7 7700hq 2.8ghz 16gb ram GeForce GTX 1060 Client and Windows installed on same SSD
  4. I've tried registering for the Dreamsong gift pack multiple times now, on Chrome mobile, Chrome PC, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer, and every time I am met with an icon by the "Register Now" button that looks like it's loading, but it never goes anywhere. Is the link broken?
  5. Act 9 Ch 18

    I got disconnected while in divine mandate area right after finishing Ch 17 and when I logged back in I was loaded back out to Middle Keep with no way to get back to the roof to complete "Go to Heaven's Reach with Jinsoyun."
  6. Returning Player

    Hello, all. So I'm looking to return to the game after almost a two-year hiatus when I buy a new laptop shortly here and I was wondering if this will be a good enough rig to run all content. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079KKFZYT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_hHj8BbKK2A0AA I'm okay with temporarily toning down settings for content that will involve high player density (Not sure what is anymore, but like was SSP was when I last played). Would like to play at higher settings for normal content though. I'm just curious if this will be sufficient, or if anyone has better recommendations in a similar price point.
  7. help with build

    I'm currently using the following (for PvE): Breeze T3F2 Flicker T4F3 Cyclone T3F2 Pierce T2F1 Dragontongue T2F3 Violent Blade T3F3 Lunar Slash T3F1 Second Wind T2F1 Block T5F3 Raid T3F1 Five Point Strike T3F2 Searing Slash/Flame Draw T5F3 Soaring Falcon T3F1 Boot T2F1 Blade Storm T2F1 Lightning Rod T3F1 Phoenix Wing T4F3 Evade T1F1 You should have ~6 seconds or so between Conflagration expiring and Lunar Slash coming off cooldown again, as long as you hit max Dragontongue in your window. In that span of time drop Raid for aggro buff, 5PS for more aggro, or hit 3x Flicker 1x Dragontongue twice. Or block with Violent Blade for 2x Dragontongue for free. Phoenix Wing (fire Blade Call) and it's associated DPS skills when available. Searing Slash (fire Lightning Draw) when available for DPS. Rinse and repeat. HM Block as appropriate.
  8. Detailed Skill Changes?

    I totally did not know there was KR mode option. You are a god among men. Thank you. Looks like an overall pretty big buff for us. Fire Lightning Draw means I'll have to spend a bit of time finally getting a formerly-useless Royal Zen Bean. Dragon Cleave could make it worth finally getting my Hongmoon Pellet to get last tier LMB. All in all this looks like a fun change.
  9. Detailed Skill Changes?

    So after hearing that we're supposed to be getting the new skill patch with the 8/24 update, I'm curious if anyone familiar with the current KR version can shed a little more light on what this entails than the KR patch notes did. A lot of things just said new skill tree and had no description. Also curious if anyone has any idea what new builds are going to look like. Thanks in advane for any help you can provide.
  10. Heavens Mandate improvement Suggestion

    It's literally just a boss fight. It's about 5 minutes. And you still get all the normal quest rewards aside from the loot. Plus daily/challenge completion.
  11. BM Weapons

    They get better. And you can re-skin anyway (and it stays even after evolutions).
  12. Heavens Mandate improvement Suggestion

    I think this is still an issue, which is sad. Scales are up to 4-7g depending on time of day and stingers are down to like 50s. Most runs don't drop multiple stingers it seems, so I feel like the gamble taken by the person donating the scale should entitle them to all the loot, considering they ponied up a chunk of change to complete your daily for you and the absolute max payout for drops in that instance is like...minimal profit over the scale cost.
  13. How lucky are you in Windrest?

    Yeah, the current events are gold sinks where the vast majority of the playerbase is taking away nothing of substance by the end. I gave up on Windrest on day one and I only do Oceanic event with the untradeable corallites so I can sell the rest
  14. so why was the drop rate lowered for F1-F7

    From day one of Mushin's Tower I've never seen frequent token bundle drops on lower level. I get them periodically, but no consistency. I feel like I see them more now that I don't need them, but that's likely just RNG hating me as usual.