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  1. The overall grind should be the prominent reason to quit imo... Have fun on your next game!
  2. Yeah but what f2p doesn't have bots lol. With blade & soul the bots do seem to be more disruptive to the overall enjoyment of the game.
  3. If you're looking for a big bruiser type of class I'd suggest Destroyer. If it's a true "tank" then I'd suggest KFM or BM.
  4. It's usually a ban worthy offense in a lot of localized games. The only game where I remember it being okay was C9 - their reasoning being changing the NA voice actors to the Kr / Jp voice actors didn't make a difference in player skill.
  5. No I need things to do before Tree of Savior gets released so keep 'em coming. On a serious note - the speculated release of silverfrost is whenever the daily dash ends. Sometime around first week of April if i recall.
  6. Your goal is to keep burn up through stacking 5 embers + Force Blast (1) Animation Cancel: lmb > rmb > Blazing Beam (2) Fire F for orbs + Dragonblaze, for buff. Fire C + lmb + lmb + 2. Refresh with 1 when Burn debuff is gone. Dual Dragons F on cooldown. Throw in Fire V, Fire X, Ice X, Ice Z on cooldown. Use your crowd control + defensive skills as needed. In the end it should go as smoothly as this:
  7. I found FFXIV to have a more friendly atmosphere. People actually took time to tell me how dungeon mechanics worked when I asked....lol. @stevow1 As for casual playing I think BnS might be more suited for your lifestyle, especially if you're starting your masters. The end-game even at later unreleased content is just log-in, do your dailies, and log out.
  8. Gear does help as there is an enrage timer but a lot of the fight is learning his telegraphs and dodging / using CC. Also the merchants on the previous floors sell those invincibility potions for 7 silver for phase where he decides to fight dirty.
  9. That is some dedication my friend
  10. I think the forums on bladeandsouldojo.com have a dedicated lore section. Full of spoilers though, since the other versions are ahead of our story.
  11. Hey i loved that game back in the day. Actually looking back it's aesthetics have aged rather well, but the gameplay hasn't imo. I'm really glad they're bringing a lot of the better parts of Granado over to Tree of Savior. I do miss the "pressing spacebar to let my party level up while i'm away at work" aspect though. Anyways back on topic: BnS won't die, at least not in the first year.
  12. I agree, the audience on BDO and Blade & Soul always seemed pretty niche anyways. I don't think the developers ever expected WoW levels from this game, even way back during the teaser footage stages. The big sell on Tree of Savior is the nostalgia from Ragnarok Online. Development wise it's a combined effort between the teams of Ragnarok Online + Granado Espada (lol that game).
  13. Summoners or BD from what i've experienced. But most importantly destroyer bots.
  14. Mostly people arguing for the sake of arguing lol
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