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  1. First of all, I mean no harm or anything to everyone. This is just my experience and my opinions. I would apologize for anything that may offensive you. I love this game by all means. It is fun and enjoyable. I'm level 45 hongmoon 4, 425attack. It has gotten boring and tiring for me to continue. I do not have much time to farm/do all 40/40 daily each day. Need to catch up with the super GEARED/rich Clan member to be able to maintain a position in the party. - I just kidding- but you get what i mean. 24 man POH/BSH takes from QUICK to Very long time depending on the channel and people. From 1 -2 hours. Nobody like killing bosses but instead wait at POH/MM (Happen like 60% of the time) Farm Soulstones.... Get mats for Moonwater T, craft everyday to make money. UGH dont forget those moonwater Tears. Everyday I would need to hurry my self to get home from work to join clan member to do dailies. (9-5 schedule) I do not need to do it but it is faster and fun with clan members. Killing red is not fun at all because they do not exist. I see a Red, I take off my blue suit and help them do their dailies for fun. Farm 4 man for scrolls and clothes. Tiring Lol xD I cant keep doing this everyday. That sense of "You have to login and do your dailies" to earn money is tiring sometimes. 5-6 hours a day on weekday, weekend - unlimited maybe I think it is time for me to quit and focus more on real life matters. What are your opinions and experiences in the future if you decide to keep playing? Thank you for reading.
  2. Questions on CC, Kite, and etc on summoner

    Bump! any rely ? :C
  3. I heard ppl talking about CC, Kite, Stun, Grab, but I am not 100% clear on this part. If there is more, plz let me know! Could some one explain to me about CC and Kite. Which button or skill belong to which one for summoner? Grab = tab and X Stun = C What about CC and Kite? o.o
  4. Please see link Below and many thanks! I not sure which box or mob has this drop. Best area to grind? Could dungeon have it? Link
  5. I was wondering if there is a website or link that shows all Summoner Staff weapons and skin
  6. A question

    You have to send a ticket to them. Yes/No, you may not receive it back because I do not know the rules regarding that. You can ask them to put it back on to your new character that you created because I see no loss in doing so.
  7. Faction Blue Vs Red Unbalanced Maybe?

    For now Kami-chi for now... I shellll be back. I just need to do my daily peacefully and get them soul stones ;) and blue actually farm Dragon and Orge = money for me
  8. Dear, Dairy I was once a Crimson player on Mushin until blue completely "screw" took over the server. Blue is always in every channel in misty hunting red like wanted criminals. Trying to solo 1-2 blue was actually a good challenge until a huge group started raining down on you out of nowhere. Red can't kill the dragon because they do not got team work. ( I could be wrong) There always one Geared a-Ho13 Destroyer that pop out of no where when red is farming. Clan changed to blue.. so i gotta go too :0 Good bye Red Hello Blue P.S I will be back when I'm stronger and I will hunt u all "blue" down regardless of my clan stays in blue Lol.
  9. Highest DPS class

    I believe new skills book are coming out around Feb 10 next month. Link Here So, my question is after these skills come out. Which class has the highest DPS on a PVE/Dragon/PVP in order. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  10. Diamond Gem Question

    What is the different between +25 Attack +25 Additional Attack
  11. Max Daily Limit?

    I just curious if there is a max/limit amount of daily per day? I was doing all my daily (bosses, etc). At one point when I was doing faction quests. I wasn't able to obtain it because it said " you have to close out the other quest in order to do this." Max limit in another way. I don't know if this has happen to other people? I could have been wrong and mess up on something.
  12. Is the server down?

    same here. Idk why either
  13. The Queue waiting is not what scares me.. IT IS THE BLACK SCREEN that brings me back to the queue. Almost all skip scene with introduction of a new character will potential 80% black screen me. I don't know the reason as to why, I watch the whole thing without skipping but it seen to gotten worst than the last time. Now I am afraid to even get into a cut scene. I really hope the GM will see this meanwhile you are fixing the patch. Didn't wait 3 hours to get in and get black screen and wait another 3 hours again.