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  1. I was expecting a real reason and after I clicked I see this BS.. c'mon, most ppl that like BnS won't play this.
  2. Achi Vendor

    Well.. a normal player at max level would have around 200-400 achi points, playing NORMAL. What normal means: doing all quests once, maybe a few times non-endgame dailies and i dont know... 25-50 times each daily at max level. And from what I've read you need around 1300. A normal player would not collect 20 sets of useless soulshields nor it would kill boss X 50 times
  3. Achi Vendor

    I'm not sure, but it irrelevant for the discussion. Probably having certain amount of achievement points and not actually *spending* them.
  4. Achi Vendor

    It's not available yet, but will be with the 50 patch
  5. Achi Vendor

    So, how do you feel about the achievement vendor? Personally I really hate it. It makes you do POINTLESS BORING stuff for the new currency: achi points. The store is awesome, I agree, but cmon.. I'll have to equip stupid soul shields for it. I'll have to beat low levels dungeons/bosses (like really low lvl) for this. How is this good or entertaining for the players? Not only this but how about the alts? Yes, you have to do all this useless stuff on your alts as well. Who tf enjoys salvaging 500 ss? or fusing 500ss? It wouldn't be a prob if you NEED it but you don't. Now you HAVE to do it just for some currency. How about Equip gem 1, 50, 100, 500 times? Well yes, that means that you have to equip and unequip your gems, fun huh? Kill a boss 100,1000 times? Sounds fun Purchase 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 soulstones? We have it Am I the only one this annoyed by the new currency? Do I miss something?
  6. Delete all Soulstones from server DB

    Dudes and dudettes, I sincerely hope you realize that this is joke.
  7. well.. strictly for AP you want to upgrade the neck and take the pirate belt, BUT if you want to do more damage (with less AP OMG YES that's possible and kids in dung don't realize) you want to upgrade ring and earring (for crit and crit damage) plus take the Siren belt with 255 crit dmg. when i do naryu i switch with my lower belt just to show more ap than switch it back after a while
  8. This was the most difficult weapon I got and it took me around 20 rounds. I've been lucky with RNG weapons on my character but this run almost made me buy the key :)
  9. Bot friend requests

    Not at all man. I accept every1 and for days now I haven't got them at all. Just accept the few and you'll forget about them
  10. they need to separate quests

    That's the WHOLE POINT dude!
  11. Bot friend requests

    I just accept them so I don't see them anymore...
  12. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? I want bots in my arena :D where are you playing?
  13. Damn why are you mad about this? I literally never saw a bot (Ebon Hall, Europe) in arena, but sure as hell would love to bump into bots. I don't care about your ideological reason, fu*k'em! Free wins - I like them.
  14. fix the fps already i wanna play lol

    It won't be fixed since GameGuard is causing this. Try to find a way around it because I don't see GG going away any time soon. Try to lower your settings, play with the resolution, close every other application running, etc