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  1. Why is everyone trying to play on Mushin server?

    i think i might cancel my order, get refubnd then rebuy and make a new account so i can reroll on a diff server, with my master pack.. i played for a few hours soon as headstart started, and then got black screen gg, have waited full duration of my q 3 times each time its about to go ingame the game says error or discconnected.... what a joke why have a q if even when its finished wont allow you in the game? defeats the purpose doesnt it?
  2. No other server has a que but Mushin

    i played the game fine for almost 2 hours fine untill the black screen crash
  3. No other server has a que but Mushin

    i made a toon there. legit 1 on every server n tried to logon. error 300 disconnected every time i tried each server 5 times mushin q time is almost 2000 ppl 80m
  4. Crash>Que>3hourslater>2hourslater>?

    chances are it will crash just before it puts u ingame too. has happend to me 3 times.. so far in 75m q for my 4th attempt at even logging back into game.
  5. No other server has a que but Mushin

    you cant even swap servers ive tried every other na server just get disconnected 300 error.. ithink they legit only have 1 server up
  6. got to lvl 12 then black screen crash now cleared the q 3 times 1 hour each. and each time it fails at around 5m on q time says disconnected GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  7. Why is everyone trying to play on Mushin server?

    u cannot roll on another server.... it just says discconected 300, i tried every single other server same error.
  8. Why the game will crash every time I get in?!

    same happend to me. had black screen crash then re q for 60m master pack also, then q finished about to login, game just randomly closed. had to reopen and yep 60m q. GG ncsoft they only care about making money and not having a polished game.
  9. LF Leveling Buddy

    hey man im australian, im keen to play i have a teamspeak server, and il be on soon as head start starts. thinking about playing on old man server. gonna play forcemaster!
  10. add me :D il be playing force master also! would love a party to smash through with
  11. applied ! hope i can join too! aussie player here <3