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  1. Also want to add that there is no place to put clan recruitment in the Forum
  2. As you can see It's not exactly clear. No competitive clans show up and the social one just seem to be a random roulette. I can't view any information about the clan.
  3. Like they should've sent returning players the gear and everything they need. This is so frustrating
  4. Do I need to just start from the begining. Cause I'm currently undergeared where I am at now and I don't seem to be getting anything new while I'm leveling.
  5. the new system confuses me. can seem to fuse soul shields. or upgrade weaps or accesories. So what is the point of this leveling equipment we still get? are we supposed to keep till level cap? Or just sell it?
  6. I rather not have to do that considering how far I'm in now.
  7. So I played bns when it first came out. Decided to come back for fun and to finish the story. My main is level 43. I understand there is a new gearing system while you level. But I don't seem to be getting any new gear or soul stones as I'm questing really. And I am dying SUPER EASILY. It's clear I'm undergeared I just have no idea what kind of weapons, accessories,or soul shields I should have? Please help I rather not have to delete her and start over.
  8. We were promised that na/eu were going to try to get in the esports tournaments. But it appears not. I'm really disappointed. Even though I quite the game due to my laptop not being able to handle it. I was looking forward to the news of na/eu competing. What happened?
  9. Ya I would like a way to report bots in arena as well
  10. 1. The quests are pretty basic. But the story is pretty good so you may not mind it too much 2. Of course the answer is no. Ncsoft even got rid of the stones in the store so it would be less p2w 3. I don't know why people keep comparing bdo with bns. The only thing they have in common is that they are action mmorpg's and the difference stops there. 4. pve is decent. It can be quite dynamic. I haven't gotten to endgame so i don't know what the endgame pve is like. But pvp is where this game really shines. 5. Main way of leveling is questing here. Not killing mobs. Not sure i
  11. Again? were ever allowed to change avatars ever?
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