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  1. There's a big difference between "easy class to play" and "overpowered".
  2. So, basically, you are so stubbornly adamant about your own opinions on something that NCSoft themselves explicitly allowed and ended up building the game around, that you are wasting the GM's time arguing your ticket over and over while expecting us to give you a pat on the back for some reason?
  3. Don't forget - most of us are noobs. If you want us to lighten up, you have to write a guide on how to do it and post it on the forums.
  4. Sunder's texture seems to be bugged for me at maxed graphics settings, displaying what appears to be multicolored boxes that block off a good portion of the display: I've found that this is only an issue when the "all settings" part of the graphics options is set to quality 5. The strange thing is that I can leave the "all options" at 4, uncheck it, and individually set everything (including all extra effects, all high quality options, and anti-aliasing) to the maximum value and sunder will work correctly. It's only when this "all options" is set to 5 that the sunder
  5. New Assassin. Still deciding on whether I like her look or not:
  6. If we are talking about destroyer ani canceling, though, we have to discuss the block ani-canceling (cancel TS with block) of the berserker class. The difference in DPS (thanks to illegal DPS meters) between a non block-cancelling zerker and a block-canceling one is tremendous. Plus, block canceling is all-but-required in PvP and an important part of the noob-stomper infinite TS kd combo in the same way that the noob stomper 100-0 destroyer combo requires it. Plus, there's fewer skill shots in TERA than you may think. Lancers have a major one in their leash, and you can argue th
  7. It could just be that they chose a flower/nature aesthetic and ran with it. Don't forget that B&S is a Korean game, where cultural values are far different than here in the US - so for all we know, the cuteness is meant to be generally more appealing to an Asian audience regardless of gender. Also - just a side comment. Though a lot of people think "cute" or "childish" when they look at Lyns as a race, it's entirely possible to make a older-looking Lyn that looks serious and a bit miffed at all the poor treatment she receives during the game's story, with a maxed height slide
  8. I was caught in the gambling trap and used 400 keys: 4 Gems (3 Red, 1 Blue) 178 Stingers 700 Soulstones 35 Naryu Tablets 8 Honorary Ornaments 1 Volume 2 Skill Book 29 Fabrics (Including about 9 salvaged costumes) 12 HQ Fabrics (Including about 9 salvaged costumes) 50g worth of gold bars 5 100k XP Charms A bunch of Yeti soul shields to reroll [ Other Stuff ] I feel that my keys got progressively worse as I kept on rolling them. The first 100 gave good results, but the later ones started giving spreads where unsealin
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