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  1. Hair Stylist NPC please

    Thanks for the great idea, Reju. We've forwarded your suggestion to the team. :)
  2. Outfit designer?

    Hey LockEasymeef, this is a great idea and in fact someone suggested it just yesterday. We've submitted to our team to review. While we can't guarantee they'll make it come true but hopefully they'll consider it. :)
  3. Hey Lilblaster, we know this has been a concern and we thank you for constructively suggesting a way to fix this. We've submitted these to our dev team. We can't always guarantee that everything we submit will get developed but we'll see what we can do. Thanks again!
  4. Connection Problem?

    Are you guys still having that issue? If so, are you getting any specific error messages?
  5. I used the treasure map and got in...

    Hey Patapata, you can try to submit a Support Ticket. It doesn't hurt. They handle tickets on a case by case basis. Good luck!
  6. Please make sure to report them when you see them. Since they're moving so fast sometimes it's better just to take a screenshot and submit it our Customer Support team to investigate.
  7. Don't forget to report the bots as you see them. You can submit reports in-game or on our support website. We try to have people in-game monitoring as well but can't be everywhere at once. Yes it's a war, not a battle. :(
  8. Scheduled Maintenance

    Glad to hear you can log in now at least, Gengar. If you think about it if it happens again, please try to remember the error number you get so we can track it down a bit easier.
  9. Scheduled Maintenance

    Are you getting getting any error message numbers?
  10. Scheduled Maintenance

    Hey Nailee, there isn't any maintenance going on right now. Can you please try again and let us know if it works?
  11. Cat Dance

    That doesn't mean it won't ever be put in, though! xD They're so cute!!
  12. Love it! Hope you have fun. I personally LOVE my summoner and love to dress her up, too. :)
  13. Fantastic! Please let us know if you need anything else. :)
  14. hi mabkoraz, If you go to https://account.ncsoft.com/settings/index and go to where it says Security, then Character Pin, there should be an option to Change it there. Are you seeing it?
  15. Premium Problems.

    Hey reLo, sorry it's taking so long for our team to get back to you. They usually answer within 24 hours but sometimes it can take longer if they have a lot of tickets to get through.
  16. Hi mabkoraz, were you by chance dealing with our support team and they reset your pin? Normally you are responsible for changing your own pin. If you haven't already, please make a Support Ticket so that we can get you fixed up.
  17. Premium Problems.

    Hey reLo, Fatalito below is correct. We removed the NCoin purchasable membership that was for 30 days. We've switched out for a direct membership plan, which can be found here: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/shop/premium/. Please try to contact our Customer Support team to see if they can assist you with getting your membership fixed. Good luck!
  18. Thanks for this great idea! We've suggested it to the devs. While again, we can't guarantee anything will come of it, we'll see what we can do. :)
  19. Characters Personal Costumes

    Hey ClearSky PhoeniX, that's a brilliant idea! We'll send this over to the devs. While we can't guarantee they'll make it happen, we'll at least give them your idea. :)
  20. can he report me?

    Hey Servant, As others have pointed out, anyone can report another player. Our team will go and investigate but if they don't see you do anything that's actually against the rules, no action will be taken. If for some reason you do get banned in error, please make a Support Ticket so that our team can make sure it gets cleared up. Hey Kretias, To answer your question, we're two separate groups. We have moderators and community team members on the forums and customer service and GMs who handle in-game stuff. Hey Syanonn, It may appear this way but it's not true. We've been working really hard on banning them but we have to get proof that it's happening and sometimes this takes time. :(
  21. Teleport Hackers.

    No worries - just note it if the CS agent asks. They'll try to take a look with whatever info you gave them first and then come back to you if they find too many users with that name.
  22. Teleport Hackers.

    We've been doing our best to try to catch them when they're doing this stuff so thank you for putting in a ticket - just don't forget the server name as well!
  23. Once seen can't unsee

    Hmm...this is totally unfortunate placement. :( Yet also quite majestic. We'll take a look on our end (probably with a gas mask) and see if we can fix it. Thanks for letting us know. And yes, now we can no longer unsee this as well.
  24. Teleport Hackers.

    Hey sasukekun21, This is definitely lame when it happens. It could be that either the person wasn't reported OR that we haven't gotten to them quite yet. Either way, if you haven't reported the teleport hacker yet, please do so. You can do this either in-game using the Report feature or via a Support Ticket. We'll then look into it as soon as we can. Thank you!
  25. Hello Kitty

    I cannot express how badly I personally want this. But yeah, there are way more licensing talks that would have to happen to make this possible.