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  1. I Love to draw so if anyone wants me to draw their character drawn ask :D check out my drawings here :
  2. Just unlock the Warlock already

    the orginal game has it so everyone is like where is it :o
  3. deleted X_X

    ... this happens in every mmo? the items that are wanted / need more demand become more expensive the developers will notice and fix.. its not game breaking
  4. Artwork for my Character?

    i started the color (sorry it took so long school all of a sudden swamped me :OOOOO)
  5. Artwork for my Character?

    Started on it :D
  6. Artwork for my Character?

    I was very bizzy this weekend so i couldnt start on your drawing :C ill try to finish it this week. ;P
  7. Artwork for my Character?

    k should have it done tom or day after :D
  8. Artwork for my Character?

    do you want it hand drawn?
  9. Artwork for my Character?

    I can draw animation pretty well ill do it for free just quote me if u want me to Check out my art at
  10. We can be nice people too

    love the combat pve and pvp like the story 2 :D honestly only problem is the bugs every now and then :P
  11. i only saw one so i posted this soooo and the one i saw said he said his wardrobe wasnt working on his second character so :p
  12. phewww thought i was the only one
  13. i was pvping and i tried 2 go into my wardrobe but its just blacked out :0 and when i went to go ask a friend it says cannot connect just me or anybody else getting this???
  14. I think Blade and soul should give out free server switches for characters when they come out with new servers like this is crazy xD