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  1. Is it? None noticed the sarcastic and troll part as it seemed. But my point was that many ppl is focusing on spam bots, when we should care about arena/dungeons bots and ppl who are buying gold off them. Both should get banned ^^
  2. Not really, long time ago merging stopped from being a bad sign in the games, it actually helps out the community enterely, but I doubt about a server merge, all servers or mostly all seems to be really populated
  3. Not really, I play like 3-4 of pve hours a day and i have almost 100 of gold in 2 weeks. No need to play more thought and I am full awakened siren =)
  4. You prolly are right with your point of view, but sadly this is an issue which all server world wide have actually with Blade and Soul and everyone knew it before it launched. I understnad the frustration and some ppl getting rekt by bots in arena. But believe me, this way far from a really bad thing, just see lineage 2 thought. Even so something must be done agaisnt the bots I am totally agree but dunno if we ever going to get something tho. An automated better game guard for me sounds the best option, but seems like its too hard or too expensive to do. Also people need to know that the
  5. I think people has lost an important thing in their minds, is the magnificent word "Ignore" and "Take time and check, you have a block spammer option". Seems like everyone times is so worthy that they dont take 2 seconds to block a spammer and just let the spammer spam them and then cry 2 "I AM BEING SPAMMED BLA BLA BLA I AM LAZY PLEASE BLOCK THEM FOR ME". Sigh. Kid these days...all the tools are given, still they want to keep using a wood table to to drive a nail, instead using the hammer 2 cms away from them.
  6. Another post where someone cries, I am thinking that is the same guy making diff accounts...peoplem ust have alot of time, and most of it they are bored so they do this haha
  7. Agree,dude like fully totally agree QQ Peopel cry about sins and its all about get our tab and it is done, not liek blade dancers, summoners, fm or even destroyers... or even kfm that after our tab stun locks from 100 to 0
  8. More lvl 25 complaining, when i go to BSH dungeon queues/Poh6man or 24 raid dungeons I see plenty of ppl going in and out, enough to say that there is min of 5k+ active players per server and even more in others servers which are alive almost 24/7 as far I know from other ppl. Stop complaining like, things are being or atleast trying to get solved out. Sigh... kid these days, no sense of proportion with no patience. I am agree that bots are annoying but not that much. Seems like someone havent or many, doesnt even take 5 seconds to discover there is "Block spammer"/"Report bot"/"Chat settings"
  9. I am starting to think that kids should be stopped from possting and get banned their forum accounts.
  10. There is fact in all these forums cries, ppl will be never happy with what they have. I play with 150+ms and I am from Chile, my reaction times is like 0.5s-1s more slower than almost everyone else at NA playing with 50ms or maybe less or a lil more (Unless they come as far I am) still I can handle pretty well vs bots or a player, even thought they have no ping issues. I have never got banned even I had trade gold to friends and my alts. I used 1 week WTFast and never got banned. I had never got banned from no where. I encounter a bot every 3 matches after 1800s but the point I said before.
  11. Then I am interested, I am going to start doing the details and stuff and see if you can work with it =) ty alot
  12. Hello! From which server you accept gold? I am playing actually in Soha Server so... but I really loved ur art!
  13. Hello everyone! As many of us here, we really like or love this awesome game! I hasb een playing this game since it came out in its F2P version and I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in reading a little Web Light Novel with 2-4 Volumens. The idea is not completely done so I wont publish it here yet but, it takes a few parts of the Official Lore of the game, while others point it doesnt since they arent too good or just not interesting in my pov. I am an active writter of my actual TERA Web Light Novel called as "VoT Tales" which in still going on, but I also feel like this
  14. There oyu go, another Poharan animeish pic! Althought dunno from where is it the uniform, I feel like i has seen it in a BnS official pic but dunno where or if we are ever gonna get it like a concret costume tho
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