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  1. Alright, I see your side of it.
  2. Not saying they are good, just saying it isn't what they were targeting with their f2p model. As it is, with the 3? expansions now, it's basically more worth it to sub to the game for a month than it is to bother with the cash shop. You get basically everything you wanted for $15 that would've costed around $40 to unlock as a f2p. As well if you run your subscription out, you become a premium member and still keep a lot of the stuff you had as a sub. I'm not defending them. Just think the facts are very skewed when you're looking at it like that. After all. If it's cheaper to get the stuff you want when you sub for a month or even buy a 2 month time card, isn't that still just taking advantage of the perks when you go back to being f2p? Nothing is keeping you subbed to them. Buy the month and cancel your sub. And if you're one of the very few that doesn't want to pay anything, then enjoy the 1-50 story because at the end of the day, it is a video game that a bunch of devs/employees/people worked on and they need to get paid somehow.
  3. They literally sold their f2p as a "see swtor's story for free." They want you to sub to do anything else like raiding, pvp, and even unlocking the "necessities" of the game to do those things. You don't need all of your bars for just the story. You hardly need any credits to do the story. I don't know if this is the model the continue to sell their f2p as, but when the original F2P released, it was for JUST the story of the original 1-50 leveling experience.
  4. This topic blew up in the best way possible. So I'm pretty sure this cash shop would be much better if a lot more of the things on it were able to be put on the Marketplace. After all, RNG boxes are a plague on SWTOR, but because people can buy contents of them for credits that others spent real money to get, it seems to be alleviated towards every side.
  5. 7 Days Until Character Deletion

    Wouldn't a 7 day deletion also help in stopping spam bots after the majority of people have blocked a certain name, spam bot could make a new name. Or at least try to considering they'd have to wait 7 days to do it. Otherwise, not really sure of a good benefit for this.
  6. If you think Summoners are OP, consider this...

    I feel you posted this in the wrong class forum. Any summoner who does a bit of research comes across that 2015 tournament during their pvp research. It's those KFM's, Destroyers, FM's and others that need to see their own stats to know what they have going for them.
  7. Nah, you didn't prove some huge point that hasn't already been talked about before. This circle still continues, and it's hilarious that people feel such entitlement constantly. Either kids or adults. Doesn't matter. The complaints will roll in like you never said a word.
  8. Where can I buy a train ticket?

    All I know is: Everyone is a traitor, and we are a very dumb hero/heroin. "Oh good to see you... Why do you have a black aura and nasty stuff dripping off of you? Yeah, you seem trustworthy, lets go do stuff!"
  9. How the hell do you defeat summoners?

    Playing a summoner, it's much easier for a FM to just grab my cat and knock it unconscious for a while. >_<
  10. Character appearance voucher

    I do know games of this style have offered large discounts on items like this before during certain promotional events.
  11. Moonwater Transformation Stone

    Market Place or be a Soul Warden (not merry potters, although you need mats from merry potters if you intend to craft it).
  12. I'm sorry, I'm not adding anything serious to the post, but I did think, "They changed our hours, again?!"
  13. Blackwyrm

    Oh, so you're complaining about the summoner having a pet now? Why bother having the class if you're trying to get rid of the one unique part of the class. Yes "getting tweaked" is right. They are. I'm sorry you feel so entitled as to think this needs to happen right this very moment. Perhaps you aren't around when Sins are the ones soloing bosses in brightstone ruins or when Destroyers do the same. Perhaps you need to learn more awareness of your own crap before coming to a public forum and trolling because you lack information. Changes are planned for summoners. Why aren't they in the game yet? Probably because NA/EU is behind the asian servers. Why is that so hard to understand? Summoners aren't the only OP class, and you aren't the first to complain about them. By about a year or more at this point. It's like there is this whole other region where all this has already been said, and things are being done about it. It's weird that summoners are also not the current top classes in the pvp tournaments (that I've seen). Confuses me greatly to see BM's and KFM's up there when you're so adamant and positive that Summoners are so OP. http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/113668-2015-season-1-tournament-offline-preliminary-results/ And yours and other's inability to finish Blackwyrm is no problem of mine or others here. Devs probably don't care about your inability to fight the boss too. Either get a group together like you're intended to, or shut up and skip the quest. You really think the boss is meant to just be zerged? Have fun with that.