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  1. Summoner overpowered? [Discussion]

    This kind of theads never get the support it deserves, its gonna get flooded by summoner trolls who are either gonna say and enforce the #1 rule of summoners "summoners are balance, everyone just needs to learn how to play the game", with lack o common sense of the definition of balance. (LoL, balance compared to what? you cant be balance if youre the only one balance), and summoners most common response is making fun of the people who claims summoners are op by stating that "look, I died to this class, clearly this class is OP", which is not the case. For the most part, everyone can distinguish the difference of OP and Annoying (I can). And when a level 30 goes into the arena as a summoner and becomes gold before leaving, while every other class has to be close to 40+, theres something wrong with the system. I dont know whats gonna happen once warlock comes out, but it will not change the fact that summoners are OP, and if warlock gets released as OP, then so be it. Theyre both OP. Dont give us that BS "youre just bad", youre stupid for saying that, and in fact shows complete ignorance, or fear that youll get nerfed, which is highly unlikely considering last majo patch, bms got patched in relation to the present servers. Hench while every single class got plenty of updates, the blade master got 5 lines, which sums up the upgrade of 2 skills. Be true to youself, summoners you arent gonna get nerfed, just hated more. The only way to balance the summoners now is if they roll in the arena like how they were suppose to prior to level 50 content, "SUMMONERS USE TO SPAWN IN ARENA WITHOUT PET", that variable is the game changer, without the power of the other classes, the summoner is the most strongest class in the arena. The only class that can kill summoners are the bayblades.
  2. How do gold sellers make gold?

    Ever notice the 1k dumplings or 1k healing tonic? or the 50 stack of misty wood keys? OR the soulstones being cheaper now? Thats how. The bot and acquire alot of the common things and inflate the games economy and offer that acquired gold to gold buyers.
  3. Destroyer bots better than real players?

    The people who think the bots sucks are people who can grab them... the classes that cant are the ones having a hard time (so its assassins and blade masters), but unlike assassins, blade masters cant go full power build via brute force... we rely on aerial combos to deal massive damage, and quite frankly, you cnat aerial combo the bots (well its harder) when they just link resist one after another and combo with grab (that is double the speed of grab resist). 2/5, ive won, and I consider myself a descent dueler as a blade master. Oh, and about the grab statement, theres a video online showing that if you grab them, they dont do anything so essentially blade dancers grabs them and aerial *cricket* them.... 2 classes cant do that...
  4. still players in arena?

    In the past few weeks I was genuinely fighting at the arena for gains, now im just doing my dailies. The bots are becoming annoyingly powerful, way to powerful for my blade master. Out of 5 bots I defeated 2, and its not become I suck its because their resist combo is near infinite, and because their grab is 2x faster than my grapple/grab resist. Its insane. So now im sorry, but this high gold (1800~) is only going to be in the arena for absolute minimum. Now not only do I have to just sit idle when face with a summoner (which is now rare in arena for 1v1), I have to respect my build completely differnt for against this destroyer bots. Thanks Obama.
  5. Uninstalling, free items.

    Lot of haters, but only 1 person asked how this dude amassed so much resources. His accumulated more wealth than the person hating on him. Oh and FYI, no reason to diss on him, pretty sure this dude has spent more money on this game than any of you f2p players. f2p players who think the server runs on love and peace (lol), But hey, i yo uwanna support the game to be live for a long time, I hope you f2p players actually contribute to the company hosting the game, because NCSOFT shuts down games if it doesnt make profit. Its a business, whether long term or short term.
  6. Gold destroyer bots in the 1700+s?

    Not gonna lie, a few days ago it was easy but now, theyre near impossible to beat. I fought a destroyer in the arena a few minutes ago, and he went full resistance on me and spin2win. As in not a single time at all could I cc him AND I WAS WATCHING HIS HEALTH BAR, he had a semi-infinite resist, he chained that warcry (idk what its called) that makes him immune to all stuns, snares, w/ever and then when its almost over he just spammed his spin that makes him immune to everything. Pretty much impossible to anyone who relies on aerial combos (BMs). Ive seen a video that apaprently they dont do anything with grabs, but thats bm without a grab :D wtf?
  7. Why you quit?

    Hope youre one of hte people paying for this game otherwise, ncsoft dont take xoxoxo for reason to stay live.
  8. Uninstalling, free items.

    Honestly, im leaving ths game too, so many problems. Yes, random dude #50 (even though ive been a member of this forum longer than alot o people lol).
  9. Summoners should be banned from arena

    Im 45, your 45. I have 279 weapon, you have 279 weapon, we both have infernal accessroies, im a blade master, youre a summoner, clearly were equal... until the cat sat on my face while you shoot sunshine into my face too...
  10. Plz. Remove open pvp!

    Welcome to the MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE community where "minding your own business" doesnt work quite well. And trust me, as crimson legion member o Jiwan its very easy to notice that you are overwhelmed, does matter how strong you are, 2-3 players at the same level as you are will beat you. BUT thats not an excuse to make hte open world exclusive (yes its exclusive) pvp disappear.
  11. Summoners should be banned from arena

    You mean this? Everyone Else Summoner (and cat)
  12. Plz. Remove open pvp!

    ... I doubt the blackram outnumbers the bamboo guards lol. As or the big 2 factions, then yes. But those are player driven economy (of players).
  13. Plz. Remove open pvp!

    First of all, you chose to put on your faction uniform (does matter which faction, theres red, blue, brown, white, white again, and gold) Nobody forced you to put on those. 2nd do not blame the game for your lag, 99% of the lag problem is your computer and/or your internet. AND you can get soulstones now besides faction dailies, get good in arena. OR buy it in market. The whole point of getting stronger is to be better, or ar you one of those carebears who just amass a lot of insignia? The same reason why I dont help my faction anymore, alot of "any insignia farming?" and those same people disappear when the pvp happens.
  14. You know, my question here how does he have 100k hp...
  15. Fix your summoners

    Trying to argue with a summoner whos #1 rule is summoners are balance, everyone just needs to know how to play the game is never gonna end. Its like to a brick wall. Doesnt matter how much people hate (ALOT) they are apparently still balance. Even if its like this: Everyone Else Summoners Clearly its balance as hell. So I advice stopping with this rants because the system will never go linear towads the "other classes that needs to know how to play", yes, the balance of summoners are in relevance only to other summoners (stupidest logic ive EVER heard). 7 classes, apparently the other 6 are imbalance and only 1 class is balance... how does that makes sesnse?