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  1. Clan uniform expansion ticket

    I have been a veteran in a rank 12 clan for a while now and I realized that I could make my own clan uniform design if I wanted to. However, when I tried, it asked me for a clan uniform expansion ticket. Does anyone know how and where to get these apart from in the marketplace? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Arena locations

    Can someone please give me the names of each of the arena locations? Thanks :)
  3. Arena names

    Hi everyone, my name is the worst BnS PVP player on the face of the Earth. Seriously though, I've noticed that there are three different arenas and each has their own unique soundtrack. Could someone please give me the names of each arena and it's unique soundtrack? And to the genius who made them, THANK YOU!!!! AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
  4. Queue time skyrockets

    Thanks a lot mate:) Enjoy your time on the game.
  5. Queue time skyrockets

    I'm looking at my queue right now and there are only 2300-2500 (including premium members) waiting to play. However, my estimated wait time is supposedly 940 minutes. I don't mind this, but, I would actually like to make sure that I'm sane or my computer is just experiencing Internet problems. Does anyone have any help? Thank you in advance. :)