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  1. Hello to the Community, since there are allot of Topic about ppl leaving. I will setup mine to... The reasons are known to all - Bots - Cheaters - and game-breaking exploits - I don't want to waste your time in writing a Wall-Of-Text! But since I like this Community allot and respect allot of players out there. I want to say farewell and epic loot. o7 This is also my last game by NCsoft they just pushed the wrong button and did nothing to counter this! My request for Account deletion is submitted. Sincerely Sin. aka Sigma - Frostgipfel (DE) - Summoner P.S. See you all in another game someday and maybe we can play together sometime again. -.-

    Hi at OP, as a Summoner you have natural enemy's like - Destroyers - KFM - BD and more... my new arch enemy is FM (Burst - Selfheal and Stun at Stealth) Thru a few encounters it is allot about timing your skills right was 230 in Class rating an now dropped harsh to 482 cause of skilled players - KFM - FM - Very hard burst Assassin. These are my mistakes timing was way off and against those classes is very hard to manage since CAM is stuck all the time or is WHITE! That is what I hate about this game allot is that on some Classes you cant counter CRICKET (nothing) and get punished hard! In the way of the summoner Burst is relative and since allot of Classes can resist on allot of skills for I have decided to let PvP-Arena go.. not that I can not manage. It is just the way that Burst for Summoner is connected to allot of factors! You need a allot of skills to pull a burst of and it is not manageable for me! Other Classes have a more easyer way to pull that of and that is what bugs me. Sincerely Sin. aka Sigma - Frostgipfel (DE) - Summoner
  3. Be tahnkful for a good tank

    *Bow* for great Tanks - KFM - BM makes my life as a Summoner allot easier not to worry about Boss aggro. Like this I can do my job to support my party. I have deep respect for all tanks that can deal with high output from BD/FM/WL/Destro/Sin/Summ. and manage to survive a battle because this requires a high skill set! Very happy to have superb Tanks - Keep up the great job! Sincerely Sin. aka Sigma - Frostgipfel (DE) - Summoner
  4. Loot what is that? (RNG, Lootboxes and Co.)

    First - I want to thank you all. :D The Feedback given opened my mind how hairy Loot can be InGame. I have even read other Topics were PPL Grind hours / days / weeks for some specific Item to drop and set up Sky-high kill rates plus never seen the Item!!! Of course this is a MMO and it is understandable that things tend to get very Grindy during the way of Loot. But some things don't honor the equivalent of effort put in to a specific quest or dungeon. Best example is - Necropolis - Long ways even with skipping enemy's + An event Boss (Not difficult but time-consuming) + Event Nodes x3 (Not skip able) + Boss ---- Minimal Loot seen 2 Frozen Stinger and a Weapon... This is what I call a failed Design on a dungeon! The reward for effort is by far to low. But do not take my word for it, it is just my opinion. The other part is transmuting items were materials Drop very rare in dungeons and get wasted if the transmutation fails! - There the risk and reward is very bad because even if you succeed in creating an item the Affix values are random! I would like to read more experiences from other players about: Loot - Dungeons - Transmutation what is your opinion? ----------------------IMPORTANT----------------- Loot should never be instant gratification but fair to obtain for the effort put in to obtaining it fair and square! Thanks again and let the Feedback roll in Sincerely Sin. aka Sigma - Frostgipfel (DE) - Summoner
  5. Best Example is this: and
  6. Increased Ping after new patch?

    I am too having this issue... Lagging like nobodys business...
  7. Cold Storage Instance in other Regions

    OMG when this is going to happen I think my clan will flee BnS in a heartbeat! Is there any official News about this on the Reddit - Twitch - Twitter channels for NA / EU. If so ill stop playing now!!! This is clearly since the Trove Event P2W!!! Best regards Sin. aka Sigma (Frostgipfel DE) Summoner
  8. Loot what is that? (RNG, Lootboxes and Co.)

    @Peps, no it is true I mean the week by that. Have to work and RL and so on... :D My Clan tries to be efficient with the runs and so far as casuals go we are good in a positive way. We are not fast but we are not slow ether just a nice sweet-spot for all members. ;) Best regards Sin. aka Sigma (Frostgipfel DE) Summoner
  9. Can't beat the hackers? Join them!

    Hello at all above, my subscription runs out soon too and thru the course of action that NCSoft is taking ill stop supporting them financially! This means NO Ncoin and NO Premium! The economy is unstable as is and PvP is unplayable at the moment. I see things in two ways. Negative: - Speedhacking - Teleporting - Summoner Resist Hack - Bots - Multiboxing Positive: - This shows how vulnerable Blade and Soul really is and that gives the Devs. hints on how to optimize the Game for NA and EU. Mayor Issue: - People feel screwed over by the delay of actions taken!!! (NCSoft) Critical Issue: - Is overall optimization of the game! Since we all have a newly build block version of BnS and NCSoft has to fill in requests for changes to the Devs. they don't have absolute control over BnS at all!!! - The same thing goes with the idea of the server infrastructure. All are affected by it NA / EU. This adds as a multiplier to the experience being suxxx... For example: I myself am located in Germany ------> ISP Telekom -----> Internet ----> NCSoft Gateway ISP ----> NCSoft Server after multiple tests I have found out that the Gateway at NCSoft is creating my Jitters and packet-losses. Who ever is the Network admin plz check that! Thanks for reading and Sincerely Sin. aka Sigma (Frostgipfel DE) Summoner
  10. Hello to the Community, just to mention this at the beginning: "This is not a Flame or Troll Post!" I have been forwarded by NCSoft Support to write my concerns about: RNG - Loot - Dungeons here at the Forums. To make a long Story short I don't want to write a wall-of-text and try to bring things up to a point as much as I can. What is this about?: My Char. I consider it extremely unlucky! Why is easily said: I have been playing BnS since early launch 15th January 2016 and till now 19th April 2016 I have got the most unlucky Loot behavior ever. To clarify: From my Start at January till now I've received over my course of Loot: 2x Gem Hammers, 5x Venture Tokens, 2x Silverfrost Pickaxe and about 5-7x Moonwater Pickaxe. My Playtime on a Week is about 15 - 20 Hours during the Week and 8 - 16 Hours at the Weekend! Before Silverfrost Patch 1: Did a Daily Rotation of 40 Quests and Dungeons for upping my gear! After Silverforst Patch 1: My Daily Rotation is Awkward since motivation is extremely low. Why is easy after the Requirements of Breeze Weapon and Accessories the Venom Darts / Frozen Stinger drop rate is way to low! What does all this have to do with RNG and Loot?!: All my Loot-boxes come only with: Healing Tonic + Nariyu Coin and if planets align and Half-Life 3 is confirmed I will get an Unsealing Charm or something special... Event Trove: After 140 Rolls - 1x Ruby Gem - 1x Sapphire Gem - 1x 100 Soulstones all the other Troves were blanks!!! Dungeon Dynamic Loot is even worse: Call it Super Fantastic minimal Loot - Weapon-box or Blue Weapon Boss Loot yesterday for example with a 4man Team after 5 Runs we got so demotivated that we just quit: Avalanche Den 4man Party - Loot 2x Frozen Stingers and one Yeti Weapon of choice! Now why I concern myself with this issue now?: I see myself as a Semi-Casual Player and there are things that are unachievable for me and my Team. With dungeon loot set to minimal and Auction-house prices thru the roof! It could be just only my perspective or what I see as "equivalent exchange" *draws a symbol*. What needs changing? What is your Goal?: My goal at least is that Dungeon Loot gets a higher Stack of Frozen Stingers or more possibility's to obtain them! Thru Quests - Additional Dungeon and better Loot Stacks in 4man Dungeons. Why do I want that Frozen Stinger drops in a higher Stack and more frequently?! Look behind you -> when Soulstones were the primary income there were more ways to obtain them PvP Quests and Arena PvP. That drove me to do Arena PvP and learn more about my Character and the skills connected to them. A little bonus for you: OFFICIAL STATEMENT BY GM NCsoft (Name has been deleted because of ToS and Forum Rules) Second Part: This Post has been created to let the community show that if we stick together we have a possibility to make a change - Communication is Key! - Lets talk about it and see what you have to say and share your experience. Sincerely Sin. aka Sigma - Frostgipfel [DE] - Summoner P.S. If things need clarification do not hesitate to ask. :D
  11. Hello NCsoft Team, I am not only angry - I am really angry... Why is easy! - Since the introduction of the Grand Harvest Event Daily! - I did not even got a chance to complete these quests! The other part is that I go work like allot of other ppl do and I can only take part in the event at a special time. Even on that it not possible for me to attend! -Why only five Channels? -Why only a few times a day? -Why completion only once? (After a channel is done nobody else can complete his or her quest-line) -Did someone even think about reviewing the quest and If it made seance for EU/NA. Server in question: Frostgipfel [DE] - EU Channels: 1 - 5 during event / all channels Full Casual players that do a little progress cant even compete since we have to play very efficient! Like this I can not wait 30min. before the Event start and that is bull...t! Best regards Val.
  12. 4 man Dungeon Rewards = crap

    Hahahaha - Nope - Read before you post 1st m8 ^^ I have written that the dops needed to be class specific! I dont mind to grind it is just unrewarding that things can drop from other classes that are not even in the group. ;) Best regards Sin.
  13. 4 man Dungeon Rewards = crap

    Hi at all, I am sorry for the title and the harsh tone at start. But what can I say: "This is what grinds my gears" :D Just went for the first time Naryu Lab. and must say what a disappointment! The rewards there are cheap... - The other part is Blackram Harbor ive been there allot of times and do that as a Daily routine too. But dang it.... The recipe for my class does not drop at all. Just had one lucky drop after xx Runs on one day and it was for a LBM (Lyn Blade Master)! The other part why in such Dungeons cant there be a class specific drops!!! - Like if your group is BM + FM + SUM + AS the skill book can only drop for those classes - Plus that Item should be bind on equip and not trade-able. The Prices and Economy on the Marketplace reached such a high that ppl can never afford the item they seek... Not everybody has the RNG god on there side and i am very unlucky on that part. But that does not matter... My intention is: "If you want it you will earn it!" So if i have to farm to get it then i want the loot system to give me a chance to gain it and not random give me a kick in the ass.. for going in 40 - 100 times over and never drop!!! Plus the added Random element of other players that can bid on the item as well... For example if you are very unlucky and your Random Team sees a recipe drop they can still out bid you because they could make money out of it!!! Dont count on fair players on that loot system... Have seen how ppl can be very unpolite and even aggressive if that drop is needed for someone in the group!!! Maybe im to nice and not cut our for this sort of game. But if i can help someone get better and vise versa ill feel good about it! But there is too much greed ingame that makes this impossible to manage. In conclusion: Rewards are bad! Too high RNG for difficulty setting unrewarding! Make specific Items - Class oriented and Bind on Equip Drops/Loot for Classes that participate in the dungeon Best regards Sinulgat aka Sigma
  14. Viel zu wenig Klanfunktionen

    Stimme dir auch zu. Super Ideen!