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  1. you will get or pick up a quest about it.. im not sure where ^^
  2. you get it from tower of infinite, you need 70 tribute tokens for premium and for non premium i think its 90?;o not sure..
  3. seems you didnt watch the stream - we getting it next content/major patch. and Not this one as babbeltr0n said.
  4. Yes that one will unlock so you can spec 2 more points in quell to make it x2 kd
  5. your argument about the warlock is a p2w class is just.. stupid to read and to be honest im not gonna argue anymore with you cause its ... pooooointlesss , have a nice day
  6. im proud of you, and you keep saying that warlock are p2w class .. i found it hard to believe that you farmed your shit ;)
  7. @Hamoudhaha yeah im a warlock mate, and i farmed everything i didnt have to pay anything , im at 683 ap atm, ranked 15 in EU.. what about you? you talk like everything is pay 2 win, what do you win? nothing , you get skills that you need. . your silly with your defention of " p2w class " , are you even playing warlock? Sooooo what if you have to rely on drops, that doesnt meaaaan you playing a p2w class if you have to get it from market. can you just stop comment on stupid nonsense ? aya dude, im done with you btw, you can keep telling everyone that warlock is a p2w clas
  8. omg dude, then all classes are p2w classes? you really dont have a clue what you are talking about can just stop write this nonsense? yeah its easy to farm your hm skills, if you put any time into it then just nagging about its a p2w class then everything is pay 2 win , if you dont wanna grind your gear you pay for it? pay 2 win, same with all mmos jesus thought i had seen everything.. but this take the price
  9. yeah but you can just farm your hm skills, its not even that hard to do.. 5000 zen beans for dragoncall for pvp. Bsh for your volume 1.. i have farmed all of my hm skills and it was not that complicated , and i didnt need to pay anything for it.. so your defintion of p2w is just silly .
  10. pay 2 win class? o_O you kidding right?
  11. you can spec 1 F for kd + x on kd , leach stun + Q thrall for x2 stun, so you can have 2 stun 2 kd.. there is a soul badge from tower that makes your qull become x2kd.
  12. hm i have been playing kfm since beta, and i have sticked with it still.. i really enjoy playing tankish in this game, i found it rewarding and that i can be able to help the groups that i get into :) but i would say you should try play some classes to level 20-25 at least, see what you like from there :P
  13. korea has 7 acts, we will get 5 and 6 on 20th july
  14. dont think they will give more, cause they stated alot of times it will only be 100 / account ;d
  15. funny how you mention that warlocks are op when they are classed as the weakest class in pvp - and that you love pvping, but you dont know how what you talking about when you call out warlocks are op ;D can i guess you playing destroyer? and that you bringing up the melee vs rdps, im not gonna go there again :p im kfm main, i and i dont have any problems with ssp, never had it, i found it more fun to be tank in everything. i get my loot and i help people with not dying. all i can just read from your wall of texts is excuses imo. have a nice day
  16. server link is awesome, lots of people are doing the older 24mans and people asks in faction chat about doing dungeons and so on :p i really like it!
  17. and you are on cerulean side on ebon hall.. when you know it has been a dominated server in ssp for a long time, and you still stay there? why not try to get over to crimson and get ur moonstones from there? if your are 609 ap des, you should have no problem getting boxes from there, i do it with 3 chars everyday, one is on 432 ap a BM , then i got my main KFM and warlock all i can read from your threads / comments are some lame excuses, you dont wanna fram, cause its " reapting ".. why did you even start play bns from the first place.. i mean this game has been out for a long tim
  18. we just got the peoples choice's of costumes in the store, and you want more?;o
  19. thats not even a excuse either, i had to do sura 4man 150 runs before i got my ember? and i have done that dungeon now 293 times and i needed to that on both of my toons that im using. And i needed to do 200 times of bsh 4 man to get my warlock book, 150 times to get my kfm book ;D and after that it came to a *cricket* vendor
  20. For your ember consurn, you talk about you farming alot in this game, but you dont farm sura 4man so you could skip that " 800 gold "? all im reading alot of exuses in ur comment.
  21. i would gladly help you too but server a down atm :P but i would gladly help you when they are up
  22. Yeah its ncsofts fault blabla, alot of people have 34-40 ms too..? maybe you should check it up with pingplotter - im not talking about any ISP atm, im talking about the level 3 node that is causing alot of routing issues, but your to blind to face it so.. im done with you stop quote me now ;) but you think , a speedtest will solve the problem right? and speedtests are the best to check up your ping to servers? sure.. keep dreaming mate
  23. or you just dumb to realise everything is not ncsoft fault ;) doing speed tests, when there has nothing do with the server or routing issues.. good game mate,you should maybe look up a little further then nagging about ncsoft here ncsoft there
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