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  1. but i agree with in that part of people leaving / afking.. they should make something about it. LoL you wanna " balance " kfm?.. you kidding with me i hope? you playing destroyer... do i have even to say anything more about it?
  2. hm i can tell you this.. i have done 300 runs of junghado .. and still not hat ;) but i wish you the best of luck and dont have to go thro the pain.
  3. they already said during their livestream they were fixing F2 for EU -.- cause i guess you play on EU and servers are not down in EU.. only F8 and F9 .. you can still logon.
  4. hm, either you try to contact blade and soul customer service ( they have helped me alot) or you can try to " repair " your client, maybe that will work i wish you the best of luck!
  5. tbh this thread was kinda silly about mail fee.. you all should be very happy they made it so you could transfer them to alts thro mail instead of farming them in tower. i think you guys give ncsoft to little credit only new whining thread about silly things.
  6. the only problem i have with summoners in pve, they are still alooot sums that are taunting with their pet even tho i have asked them not to do it.. im kfm, and its really annyoing .. :P about nerfs to the class sure, i think they should stop nerf them.. i would say kfms needs some love from ncsoft too ^_^
  7. i needed 200 runs of tomb to get my necklace and 185 runs of ebondrake to get my ring. cant wait for the other ones..
  8. this thread is so much bm lovers in it ;D , problem with BM is that they have to much in their kit atm.
  9. @Valiantyour in same boat as i, i didnt exploit and i didnt get my rewards for it.. people who used the abuse some of them got rewards still, feels kinda really bad atm have not logged into the game after that , and im not sure if im gonna do it ^^
  10. after seeing some people are still getting their rewards and did the exploit, i wonder did they even remove the right ones?.
  11. I dont have to show any screenshots of how many games i have played. I know how many i played. i had you in some games too CrimsonDusk or alot of the games ^^ yeah i have " bottish "
  12. They said on their stream they were removing all rewards for that person. so yeah tower of infinite is one of them.. i didnt use this exploit my internet has been way off these past 2 months , and + i had some problem with their client that made my game crash alot... i feel kinda robbed and wasted so much time in both 6vs6 and Tower. Tried to do a ticket about this too.. but their support told me to write on their offical fourm.. oh yeah feels good that one too.
  13. I wonder why you removed my rewards when i didnt use this " abuse " at all? i got disconnected from matches / games cause of my internet + ur client.. can some dev check up on this cause i made a ticket about this and not really any good answer on it. i played over 600 games in WVV this season and i farmed tower of infinite countless of hours.. why would i even use the exploit? i played 6vs6 to have fun , but removing rewards and stuff like that for a legit player and let people who used the abuse get all the rewards still ... @Youmukon @Rukkirii @Babbletr0n i really
  14. but people who did abuse will get punished , they wont get any season reward from 1vs1 , 2vs2 3vs3, 6vs6, tower of infintie this season ;p
  15. Yeah nerf BMS alot.. its sad they buffed them to the roof.
  16. i would approve that, higher drop chance but you cant spam it everyday, should be fair.
  17. tbh, you sound like you want everything for free, you dont wanna do anything to get it.. thats my point of view what i have been reading from you. so you dont have to answer this but.. its kinda silly ^^ and calling out people for not having a brain when they dont share your opinon about giving out the necklace easier , its something that bothers me.. i dont see how they will make it better for everyone in this game, but i do think they will make something new with the necklace.. that someone else will come up with a new complaint about.. cause EU / NA will never be happy -
  18. i really enjoy my KFM, and i will always stay KFM. BM looks to easy to play imo , and i like the challenge ;d
  19. Hm , im running with 2500 piercing, 1800 critical defence, 120% acc rating, 4300 critical and 2050 critical dmg, i got 3 sparring , 4 challenger 1 naksun
  20. i dont how this can be a problem.. im working 8-9 hours a day, im playing 3-4 hours, i do my dailys only cause " im max geared ", got my necklace last night after 85 runs. sure maybe increase the drop rate, but giving it out for free in a merchant? whats the point in even doing the dungeon then? maybe put every legendary piece in merchant, like stage 6 weapon too.. i mean i have it on my main , but my alt wants it too. should they do it?
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