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  1. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Sorry pal thats our next major update. March 2nd(as you can see in game via F1 or login screen) is when we get Unchained Content Update sooo chances are thats when lock is unlocked.
  2. corporate shysterism ??

    Hate to break it to you pal. But they didnt even re color it. They just popped it out of the costumes from other regions and stamped a price on it. 0 work to print money. Well I take that back they did have to figure out how to use their own database system to put it in the cash shop. But with as much trouble as they have with putting the right costumes in wardrobe / with the right tool tips maybe it did take someone a week to figure it out. So they gotta pay that guy / girl
  3. You should probably switch factions then mate.
  4. Well lets think logically about this...if he wasnt a member. Which he clearly is as stated above buy all his previous purchases / botting knowledge. Then there would be no reason for him to state that AS A DIAMOND MEMBER, he would get x, y or z. He would just simply state, at this site I can get this. The only reason to list the condition that is otherwise irrelevant of something is if you're trying to show off your expertise in a subject.
  5. "Just to let you know as a diamond member of such a "3rd party" website" -Necroheaven Necro...explain to does one get to be a DIAMOND member of such a 3rd party website...with out actually contributing someway shape or form to the gold selling business either as a customer or employee? Oh and another thing... we are the REASON why most people are dumb as hell? So....just how did we make you dumb as hell? Because you are part of the group of most people...and expressing that your a member of a gold selling website on a forum where that is a bannable offense is pretty dumb as hell.
  6. I think you fail to realize that currency exchange JUST came out. Prices are not set in stone and are going to fluctuate till they find a happy medium. So getting upset about the prices right now which are player driven is a bit ridiculous.
  7. Dont forget to report his post :O Maybe they'll show him the door.
  8. I'd Just like to say thank you, for being part of the problem, not the solution.
  9. 10 Gold for 600/700 is fine, if people are buying / selling it for that much. At least they're buying it from NCSoft not 3rd party hackers/schemers that are just going to rob you later anyways. What is not fine is that NCSoft is charging you 10% of you PAYING THEM for gold. See the valentines day thing is 1,999 ncoin because *cricket* we want to charge you hella $$....but you want to sell it to someone in game via gold....well...then thats 2198.9 ncoin because reasons. It's unecessary and greedy and serves no purpose. At least them selling gold cuts the gold seller market and is more secure.
  10. People are already buying gold via gold sellers, so your P2W / P2Progress argument is trivial when addressing NCSoft's currency exchange system. However what bothers me is they take a 10% Commission fee to buy gold in game. 10% for what? the computer to make another calculation. Thats kind of bullshit imo.
  11. Ideas for long hair?

    D: Me too. Its one of the reasons I didnt choose the long hair with the two long strands in the front for Gon. It was like Hair today, Gon tomorrow.
  12. Ideas for long hair?

    Is it? How do you acquire it? Technically all these are in the game files. But there's no way to get them in game.
  13. Ideas for long hair?

    There are a couple of examples from JPN BnS of something similar @Ruelisala: Usually front clipping is the worst. This is due to the various shapes that the front of the clothing comes in. Think of the difference between High born and Old stratus. Oldstratus is very up collar like. where high born is very low cut. The hair will just dissapear into Old Stratus
  14. Ideas for long hair?

    Personally I just want a high pony tail with a bow, shrine maiden style.. But most of these look like a clipping nightmare. A lot of the long hairstyles in the game already clip a lot. Sadly I don't think they'll be adding more hairstyles anytime soon unless they can make money off it. So big support would be needed. There are however a few Really Long hairs you can mod into the game. IE: Yura's hair, Namsoyoos, Yeharas even Ghost npcs. Iiiif you have the know how. But NCsoft would not endorse that. So if you want these kind of hairstyle raise hell so they'll put em in shops as wigs. Or look to modding. :D

    You take that back, Oblivion was a great game!