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  1. D: Me too. Its one of the reasons I didnt choose the long hair with the two long strands in the front for Gon. It was like Hair today, Gon tomorrow.
  2. Is it? How do you acquire it? Technically all these are in the game files. But there's no way to get them in game.
  3. There are a couple of examples from JPN BnS of something similar @Ruelisala: Usually front clipping is the worst. This is due to the various shapes that the front of the clothing comes in. Think of the difference between High born and Old stratus. Oldstratus is very up collar like. where high born is very low cut. The hair will just dissapear into Old Stratus
  4. Personally I just want a high pony tail with a bow, shrine maiden style.. But most of these look like a clipping nightmare. A lot of the long hairstyles in the game already clip a lot. Sadly I don't think they'll be adding more hairstyles anytime soon unless they can make money off it. So big support would be needed. There are however a few Really Long hairs you can mod into the game. IE: Yura's hair, Namsoyoos, Yeharas even Ghost npcs. Iiiif you have the know how. But NCsoft would not endorse that. So if you want these kind of hairstyle raise hell so they'll put em in
  5. Thank you sooooo much for this guide. I mean its like a huge wall of text to devour our lives for hours dick! p.s. you misspelled lewking ;p. Now make it a video.
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