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  1. Leveling question

    Yes just to 50. And just follow story right? No more blue quests??
  2. Leveling question

    So about how long does it take to max level from 1?? I have premium
  3. Reroll Dilemma

  4. Infernal battleground??

    No but we're wondering what it's doing there
  5. Ummmmmmmmm did NC do a boo boo?

    I don't get it what is it?
  6. Honest oppinion FM vs WL

    Thanks bro. My FM was my first main and first 45 I think I'll give her a shot again. Forgot to changer voice tho so it's ear shattering 12 year old anime voice haha
  7. Honest oppinion FM vs WL

    I will be mining BM but laggy mclag lag of course makes it impossible for melee in new zones. Currently also have a 45 lock and 45 FM Lock was cool just boring with the CD management and burst then repeat. In all of your opinions what's more FUN to play lock or FM I don't care much about the damage because I know where they sit on the charts atm. Just wondering what's more fun in your guys eyes.
  8. [Account Ban] account got locked multiple times

    Sweet!!! Thanks for the update!

    Find me the statement then. Cause I has two different homes on twitch tell me they were banned for it. My pings 30 and under so I don't need it. It would be nice but not if it's bannable
  10. are we getting balance btw classes ?

    Actually I read the full notes. Yes we will be receiving class balances/updates THIS patch.

    For everyone complaining about being banned then stating they use WTFFAST and nothing more. Here's a tip. WTFFAST is a third party program. The EULA states "Any use of third party programs could result in actions taken against the account" just throwing it out there for anyone that is still confused. I have never used it. But seen multiple reports on Twitch TV bout bans being used on Wtffast users
  12. [Account Ban] account got locked multiple times

    Just throwing it out there. I. The EULA it clearly says "any use of third party programs will result in actions against the account. WTFFAST is a third party program with NO exceptions. Hence prolly why your banned.
  13. memory leak?

    Yes leave arena and rejoin. Thats what a employee said
  14. RIP BNS

    Not my fault my markets broken as *cricket* haha
  15. RIP BNS

    Haha already sold everything i possible can even after farming mats to sell. Still no 7 gold under my belt hhaa