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  1. My KFM from back when BnS first launched NA.
  2. Like Julia's? HAHA Well, this game is based off of Hyung-tae's art, and he's an obvious thigh man. Also, imo, boobs are plenty big though I'm always up to see people walking around with weird proportions, especially if it isn't done ironically. Tip, shrink the waist and your rackorama tends to look bigger. Like a lot of others in this thread I feel like the boobs can actually be smaller HAHA it covers my irl size but it only shows when wearing bra-type doboks like the Jiangshi one (which looks hilarious on small boobs bless my character). When wearing other
  3. Thisss. The entire storyline is based around you wandering around because you essentially lost your home. Of course that doesn't mean you can't find a new one logically speaking but taking into account the experience you're supposed to have, it's probably not going to happen. Regardless if you care about the story or not. I don't think people who say there will never be player housing are wrong, coming from someone whose followed this game for ages and played on other versions h-heh (i never thought it would release west after a few years woops) For me personally, the s
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