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  1. Simply my entire guild quit, My entire friendlist is dead. Noone have been online for days, the botting its getting worse, Apparently a home made coder can work harder or( few of them) can work harder and put more dedication on exploiting a game than the owners of the game.( in this case the hosters) With this said, chat is a 24 / 7 spam, Now we got a nice and huge system alert that indicates their website to sell gold for money, U see, the problem here is the market keeps getting flooded with gold, Gold is now basically worthless making daily's is also Worthless because botters and legit merchants will try to keep the value of their stuff by increasing gold and by doing this they secure themself a market ( botters).BEcause the more gold u actually need to do ur basic upgrades needed to play the game content in PVE, The more ppl will be inclined to purchase their Botter Gold Obtained WITH Hundreds Of SUMMONERS! Why m I actually paying premium For?, I get nothing out of it, Don't need the 10 bronze I get with each kill, Its worthless, Login priority? Wont need this, since ppl have already started to leave and the extra second recovery of stamina is worthless, Nothing out of the subscription package is worthwhile anymore ( specially with Useless Daily Spins that give useless prices ( unlike the first) . By the time my current premium expires ill quit. ( yes ill force myself to play this game for a week , just to get my money's worth out of the subscription, leveling alts because that's all it has going atm and ill do this in hopes they eventually fix this messed up and very dark situation going on). If things keep going like this this game is sentenced to die within a month and its not a bad game, its actually very good and challenging but with the bots noone can compete!, and some say '' hoh take advantage of this and sell ur moonwaters high, so when it gets fixed u will have a ton of gold'' Well yes thats nice , but it would still be unfair, many ppl have done this on other games and the game ,eventually dies, The Life of an MMo comes from the casuals! not the looong run Fans! without casuals there is no bulk of $$$, economy gets ruined. With this said, GG to all it was an amazing game I sincerely hope you guys can deal with these things and hopefully ill return . No point on farming and doing dailys without knowing if the game has a future for now, it feels like m wasting my time.
  2. Easy FM build for Mushin tower 1-6F and 7F ?

    it hits hard, but if ur lacking in gear and in soul shield it will be useless , just tryed, but its a good dps build, just not enough to kill mushin 7 without any siren, ( tested on a true profane, with lvl 36 accesorys and 5 / 8 mushin soulshield, fm)
  3. imposible to kill Jughando F7 - FM

    > : D UR FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FORCEMASTER! Srry!, But its the truth force master is harder, u need the latest bopei and High Level in the weap, u will also need the mushin flower potion for restore and defense passive along witht the 6 second immunity potions and Hope for the best :), because if u get lunched in the air! even with Laest bopei ull dieee miserably while he laughs at u , smiling and tea bagging u while u restore ur chi. ( this happened to me aswell, I am a force master). or better yet, a F*cricket* MasterInsert other media
  4. Will you re-roll after this patch?

    Ill re roll to summoners, I reached gold with force master, but I don't think, force master can squeeze any more juice, with the current stats, simply speaking summoner, destro and assassin are the top classes, not only have I seen this, I have faced them in the arena and they are harder to kill ( even noobs with no skill ho dont even counter, use combos , sustain or anything strategic win sometimes, pressing the same abilitys over and over and over) and unfortunatly I am winning waaaaaay more with summoner than any other class, I might even reach diamond with cheap summoner ( and I barely even read his skills, I just run away heal the cat and troll the opponent with flowers).
  5. Blade Dancer random immunity?

    YEs this is lame, I though it was not a bug and actually though bd was op!, this thing its getting other ppl REcked in pvp!
  6. My Fm Rep

    I was gold pre patch of raising waters, I am using a force master as a main character, because they are challenging ( a lot), I noticed 2 things with this patch. The Previous frost build I was using for arena went down, it got slower in terms of dps ( rbm lost some dps) so, focusing on the frost aspect wont yield the same benefits anymore, What I noticed though its a lot of damage and scaling went to inferno ( in raw numbers it seems overpowered to say the least) but this ability its nothing special ( some may say WHAT screaming on terror ) but its true, this ability can be blocked, countered and parried super easy, because of the time travel it has it offers more than enough time ( for good players) to block it if u cast it without them being stunned or heavily cced and here comes the issue, Destroyers cannot be cced basically, they keep tab - tab - tab and after it they spin, spin blocks inferno without a good cc, control its gonna suck to get that dps out and cuz of the parrys and blocks we need to use spend points into snowball to break the shield, wich is meh, ( what m trying to say is , even though force master is a ranged class, and got his dps buffed , it will still take some serious skill to keep up with the dps) Specially when you cannot spam as u might desire cuz of ranged stun blade masters and destros have) If you try the spamming method on gold + ur dead, it doesn't work against skilled opponents ho know what they are doing, you need to control the field, keep distance, u cc, cc ,cc and mitigate with frost shields. The problem though, its assassins, there are some assassins ho play ultra cheap, The entire game all they do is run and stealth, only hitting u with shurikens and only use counters to RUN away from u the entire match, until you lose by points, Unfortunately Force masters ability's Shut down when you don't have a target, you are only left with 1 and 2 because rmb and Lmb do not work, and number 2 costs focus, which you cannot use as often as u would need against these cheap dudes, the conclusion its unfair and lame to be losing to this kind of noobs, If only most of the force master abilitys remained active, then ok I could play with them and try to gap close or pull them with force pull, but nope, no target = No skills really absurd when you still have aoe skills that u could use without a target but, nope u get trolled. For summoners I figured killing the cat works best, burn the cat down and ripp his head off, then sustain with frost and end up with a dual dragon combo. Force master is good, the new updates fixed some issues, specially with summoners and so, but unfortunately, I still cannot recommend the force master to anyone, If ur looking to play force master, u need an insane amount of skill, timing and internet, without good internet u wont see their counters and loose more than half of ur abilitys in resists, parrys, counters and ofcurse stealth trolls, With this said, Ill retire from force master and just role, destro, summoner or assassin. I like blade master, but I deleted it because it requires a lot of time investment and practice, unlike the 3 main classes that are ruling the arena atm. Just my 5 cents hope u all get something from this! see ya in the game!
  7. will we see a buff to force masters?

    I Managed to reach gold today with my fm, but it took me literally about 8 hours of insanity, building and reading Losing , Losing and getting my head ripped off, But In my opinion the Class AS it is! NOW at 45 its lacking. I have to take some dps off and play defensively , ( with a squishy class) because apparently the Burst of this class is not enough, yet is very squishy , So its like missing 10 to 15 points to be actually something worth pvping with. I see some ppl say AA is good. but I cannot confirm since, I never finished my aerial purple quests and have aa and dd blocked.(Trolled) What I can give u all my fm's ho are struggling with this off balanced class is this: out of my 8 hour of research and practice, my tip is: make ur own build, check the skills u use, see what u like ( you tube videos are useless in this patch, nothing is the same as korea or china patch)(LOL) the game is even lagging some times , making the tap aerial combo very difficult for beginners , I tried it, but bms are to op, you cannot Spam ur abilitys ( and all ranged classes in all other mmos play like this, Rush dps rush dps so you gotta break that mindset of rushing top dps, it took me like 3 hours to understand this, 3 hours of loosing and feeling like garbage) you gotta like, breath, take it slow, but not too slow, try to troll ur opponent, you gotta go with that mindset and practice for ever. Overall I don't recommend ForceMaster to anybody as it is, it takes Like 6 stars of skill to manage this class, you gotta watch for hand signs, battles are like this: watch for spins, save ur tap, jump get behind, Dont get hit, use ur impact, block range, get away yet, keep the cycle going, hoh u got 3 stacks stun sstun stun!, get back, hoh no get ur armor,! Wait ur blinded! Frost armor urself or die, watch out for resist!, Grab em! trow em away! or burn em while u laugh and heal urself!, Freezeee! REPEAT, Watch ur focus! if it runs out ur dEad! ! he is stuneed! with 5 fire stacks , gotta get that Huge Fireball!. HE deflected my fireball HOLYCRICKET!, ( I ended up removing all points from fireball, if u miss u get trolled for 45 seconds). Summuners: These are usually hard, very hard, but in gold , it get worse!!! Like! WHAT? The cat transforms from simple little cat, To Jungle Hunting Predator!, And all u can do is watch the cat paint himself in the face with ur blood, while screaming the victory shout of unlimited CC! O .O! What IS this ! COnclusion: I dont know how I managed to get to gold I know, m gonna quit arena now till patch and feel good about myself. :) suggestions?
  8. why i just uninstalled this game

    I myself think ill quit, game its nice and all, but I went for a force master m already 45 but, pvp in the arena its so hard as a force master 1 mistake can totally lose u the match, Yes m looking at u tab escape, The reason m considering on quitting its cuz of how bad I get reckted on arena, the time I have to invest to '' get good '' seems more than my average mmo and honestly ( Ilove the game ) but while I enjoy the hard pvp, I tend to go casual, I cannot find a way to keep up, sad sad sad : c, ( I dont really wanna quit, but frustration will make me eventually.Insert other media
  9. Force Master

    Alright I wanna start with a greetings to u all readers!. I just need some tips for force master this is what I am having issues with: 1) I started really strong in the arena, many newbs did not knew how to break cc and I perma locked them with frost, but eventually I started getting better players and many lvl 45's ( i am lvl 38 atm ) I have a basic understanding of my ccs and my limited combo ( cuz of level) and I figured mobility is a must for this class . All is good there, but in some matches , the opponent seems to be evading most of my attacks, all I see on some of my opponents its resist, counter or block all the time, I though I needed more accuracy and I switched some soul shields and stuff, but I keeep getting reket by resistance, block and counter, eventually I end up spending to many focus and not getting them back ( even with frost bullets than restore focus on crit) and everything goes down hill from there. I try to set up my combos but, skills wont event apply chill effects or embers with they get resisted, m I missing something?, maybe its my gear, soulshield? Any tips with force master will be greatly appreciated ( stats, soul shields, anything in gerenal) and thanks in advance.
  10. I got this very same problem even now. How m I supposed to beta test and actually try to test things out to see if I get one of those founder packs, if the game wont even run on my computer. Fishy stuff right there, so far I dont think the servers are stable at all, the question is, will they fix this before the game launches? I know for sure I wont be getting any founders if they dont fix this or even play the game at all if I miss out on founder because of this problem.