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  1. When The Game Back On

    This is what they said on Twitter few mins ago: Again we are sorry for the current maintenance of all NA Servers. The expected downtime is ~60 minutes. #BladeandSoul
  2. The servers!

    When you create your character you will be able to choose which server you would like to be on. You can also see the recommended servers to not have to queue forever.
  3. SoulWarden Rep Npc?

    Shouldnt it be in Jadestone Village?
  4. Training Dummies

    Yes, but now I mean practicing combos. You barely hit a mob 4 times before it drops dead so not much of a use there.
  5. Crimson Legion/Cerulean Order

    You can still join Crimson Legion
  6. Training Dummies

    I think it would be nice to implement some training dummies to practice combos in-game except Mushin Tower. Would make it a lot easier to learn to play your class and what works or not.
  7. let me doodle youu Upload then just copy paste :)
  8. let me doodle youu

    Can you make a version of this one? :D
  9. Free Art for you while I wait~

    Oh wow, youre amazing! Tell me if it opens up again :D
  10. What are the founder pack costumes

    Two costumes, these ones
  11. Ahh, love all creations! :) Here is my (finally done) Yun that Ive been working on for the release. Can't wait!