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  1. scummoner

    Scummoners ugh.
  2. Just make gold untradeable and unmailable. Gold can only be used to buy from marketplace or merchants.
  3. Because MMORPGS have horrible stories. BnS is no exception.
  4. Yet NCSoft wants to make this game an "ESPORT" on this side. What a joke they are.
  5. Please allow Warlocks to be...

    Lyn users are huge, big, fat, ugly pedos.
  6. Another suggestion is to make 1 or 2 channels in Misty Wood where PVP is not enforced when you put on your faction uniform. Opposing faction in this channel will not be seen as red, only the opposing NPCs where you need to complete your dailies. Also, to ensure this channel is not abused, have it not spawn terrors or BW. For those dailies you will need to go to a channel where PVP is enforced. At the moment, it is so hard for new level 45s to get their soul shields because blue is always camping every single channel, making the game extremely unbalanced.
  7. If it were up to me I would just delete factions in the game. It is so toxic and unbalanced in Poharan, always 3:1. I would suggest that to join a faction you need to be level 45. Red is messed up in Poharan because we have a lot of lowbies who are just bot spammers and fill up the space in the faction. I also like the idea of giving buffs to the underdogs in the channels. Edit: Also, make faction account bound. Many people have their mains as one faction and have alts spying on the other faction. Basically, just taking up worthless space. Also, make it that to change faction, you need to wait like 1 month.
  8. Why are people upset? It's not like the box is selling OP weapons or costumes with stats. It's just a costume. The other items you can get make the prices go down in the market. All good!
  9. I need this also. How and where do people get the HP ones. I have the same soul shields as some people but yet theirs has way more HP than mine. How? :(
  10. Question 3v3 PVP

    Is it so hard for them to implement it or something?
  11. Banned for no reason.

    Funny to see bots coming in here to garner support. What's funnier is people falling for these "OH I WAS BANNED FOR NO REASON" threads.
  12. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Are we not asking NCSoft to ban them? What are you asking or suggesting then? As for the person said it would be abused, this is not the report button we are using, but block. You block people who you do not want to see their spam.
  13. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Another suggestion is to: - Auto region ban chat people who have been blocked by 50 people or more. - Auto whisper/faction ban chat who have been blocked by 100 people or more. - Auto permanent ban people who have been blocked by 500 people or more. This uses the block feature to generate bans.
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Hire people from your playerbase to ban chat spammers. We are willing to do it for free. Have an interview and look at player's ingame history to determine if they are eligible.
  15. Fix the queue times.

    Been waiting 30 mins+ to get into Poha even as a premium member.