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  1. Didn't bother to, but now that you point it out, well, wow. For my faith in human race I would've preferred this to be a troll thread :S
  2. NC don't respect EUROPE?

    Unless I'm mistaken data servers are in the US and those have to undergo mainteinance too. And guess what, without data servers you can't play, because that's where character, marketplace, and other game informations are stored. They won't split their data servers and give us our own, they could have had before launch, but now I don't think it would be convenient for them. Either accept it, or not, it won't change anything.
  3. yeti soul shield stats

    This is indeed accurate.
  4. Most players don't log in to forums, furthermore this whole thread smells of troll.
  5. missing quest ?

    If you didn't get the blue quest that leads you there (Into the Orchard of Souls) then I think you'll have to backtrace a bit. Always did my quests there so I honestly don't know.
  6. This is very very wrong, Oathbreaker is much more expensive. Much more.
  7. missing quest ?

    I'm not loggedin at the moment but I think I did that daily quite a few times a couple months ago. Are you sure you did all the non-daily quests in the Orchard of Souls to unlock it?
  8. Taking hacked accounts more seriously.

    https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4dp48l/i_tried_hacking_my_own_account/ You might be surprised at how uneffective that is right now. An hacker would not even need to access your mail once.
  9. Account email change

    Think it has to be at least 90 days old to be able to change it. Anyway don't know if it's only me yet, but I can't seem to change it anyway, regardless of having the button. Going through a ticket now, you might want to do the same (if it's been more than 90 days).
  10. Seriously, you don't need to buy pastries off the shop to keep up. If you're casual chances are you aren't planning to do 4-mans so you really are fine with Oathbreaker. Prices for the new path will lower eventually, give it time. Also, you can buy only 10 emblems per day from F10, so they're more of an help (though quite a big help).
  11. Taking hacked accounts more seriously.

    It really has nothing to do with shady websites. If you use the same username/password/mail on other websites, you're potentially at risk. Websites get hacked, security breaches happen, and information is stolen, to be resold later. If you happen to have had personal information on websites that got hacked in recent years and are using the same data here (or other games/whatever) you can be potentially hacked (especially if your password wasn't a strong one to begin with, since even after a security breach password hashes have to be cracked). Most people use the same password for their email accounts which won't help, hackers will simply gain access to your email account and whitelist their IPs.
  12. Am I reading this right?

    Not really, you're doing it wrong. 500 gold doesn't mean that all trades summed up in that time frame were a total of 500 gold. It means that the highest trade was for 500 gold (so 1 fusion powder or maybe more than one were sold for 500 gold). It has nothing to do with average, your 2 silver each calculation has no meaning. And as I said already, this is not what goldsellers do to trade money, there are better ways which don't require you to pay a marketplace fee.
  13. Toxic players beware

    Gonna bite that and ask you, what if the other 5 party members perceived you as the toxic guy? And the 5 of them reported you?
  14. Toxic players beware

    LOL, this is wonderful. I could answer that but I think I won't for the lulz. Please tell me again what you'll do to "toxic" players.
  15. Toxic players beware