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  1. Weapon evolution

    Not really answering the questions but a probably important related fact: Soul shields witch aren't received from a wheel/box can have different stats.
  2. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    True most of the topics are complaints but there are nice topics also. Both game and forum needs work and people should point out problems and make suggestions. However every forum has a majority of not that smart people who create stupid topics and complain about everything
  3. Stupid maintenance time

    *thank you gif*
  4. Some Questions that want answers xD

    If I understand you correctly, the answer is that not every boss cant be grappled. Other smaller bosses can and some skills are only usable when the target is grappled. Not sure if I was explicit enough but anyway I would like to see more joint attacks added :)
  5. This Game is Broken (WHY?!)

    First of all when creating a topic this long, please, format and clean up the text. This is an MMORPG you're supposed to farm and craft your items, you can't expect everything to be easily done and mastered. Anyway the game will have content updates regularly as far as I know, the next patch will be 10th February
  6. Is it possible...

    As far as I know, it costs money. But sure it's an legit alternative.
  7. Please try again in a few minutes (3746)

    If you're playing in EU the servers are under maintenance... And with luck the locked status will be automatic lifted. EU servers should be up in about 1 hour Insulting staff or anyone else will not help you...
  8. Is it possible...

    As @Trinket said, there isn't a function for that yet, and we don't know if there will ever be. What you can do is get a friend (in the same server) to trade your items (some are untradable :c) and ask him to give them back... I suggest someone you trust.
  9. mantenimiento

    Como se puede ver aquí: Los servidores están bajo mantenimiento. Si usted es de España los servidores deben estar en torno a 14:00 (Utilicé el traductor de google)
  10. Metin 2 had a lot of bots forum and game wise... not with gold but with similar currency
  11. Let's talk about the forum!

    Well with this bot spamming the forum I added report user to the list of suggestions...
  12. Let's talk about the forum!

    Can you link me that ? Would like to see the discussion.
  13. Too many maintenances...

    People complain about problems then people complain about problems being fixed. Maintenances are necessary regularly! Since there have been some problems they do more maintenances... when it get's stable you'll get probably 1 a week
  14. Let's talk about the forum!

    Well the objective of this topic was to gather suggestions and list problems. If you don't like the forum I can't help with that, I personally like it and want to see the problems fixed :)