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  1. bot report in game - NOT WORKING

    dont worrie, 70% + players are bot. 1 player out... 30 bots in :D
  2. BNS Became P2W !

    free char dont drop money... this game is alred P2W
  3. not working or ncsoft rly doesn't care about it I reported several bots at the beginning of last week and wrote down some names. I sent message to them today and except one, everyone is online. great job, I am very, VERY happy that ncsoft dont administer BDO and ToS.
  4. every time a topic is open to complain about bots and hacks, someone from the staff or any member says to stop complaining and or report him, stop it ... in most cases, a complaint has been made, but by the my own experience takes over a week to ban a single bot that was reported... all players has the right of complaining this neglect and let everyone who is thinking about play know the game situation. ty
  5. I almost bought an Outfit....

    bought a outfit? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I down my on youtube. PURCHASE OUTFIT ???? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lolololol kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  6. Renamed: Delete this Post Please.

    they don't care and may still end up punishing you for showing the names in the forum ... the same like when posted these SS
  7. I know that feeling, man ... the game gets boring doing the same dg often... the time spent on it is the same as many mmos to drop one end game weapon. Is stupid to put it for a lvl 20 weapon, we know, but it has many children who dreamed with this game for many years, because that you see so many people supporting this in the forum ... and every day has a topic that in the forum, you were not the first to complain and many gave up for it. My tip: place a limit, if not drop, stop playing. ____edit___ my guild is playing kTos ... today has many better games and more "finished" that BnS. if leisure is no longer fun... does not insist on it.
  8. Speedhacking?

    all bots by default already has speedhack and teleport, then surely there should these hacks separated for use. bots arent real players. it's all done by a machine, such rules dont fit this case.
  9. and? why buy costumes? use mods! much more beautiful than those sold costumes... and it's free... and easy: down upk, past in game folder and done. or do you think that all these people you see using the initial set in the game is for nothing ??
  10. Blackram Narrow

    i pots the same issue: if you search on the forum and on the Internet, you will see that it is easy to reach 40~50 runs and you cant drop it. but create a char from another class and you will drop the staff in the first runs. or buy a key to get a weapon for your class, or buy premium to increase the rate to get it... unfortunately, that's the truth i completed 31 runs and nothing
  11. talking with a clan member,he said who spent more than 40 attempts to drop his gloves (kung fu) and I have 6 in my inventory. isnt a perhaps, is a fact that the drop rate of your class is smaller. but I believe that premium users is different.
  12. weapons dropped by chest or killing last boss, isn't negotiable, as we exchange money for it? this system was made to force players to buy the key... dont understand why no one talks about it in this forum. but in the rest of the internet, all face this as bug and many people stopped playing because of it!
  13. i make these dg 28 times trying drop a lvl 20 staff and nothing... this isn't difficult, It is an unacceptable bug but... i dropped 3 Warlock weapons.
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    spammer alred kill the chat but. the bot of them are the worst problem, a alternative until a official solution... 1GM online banning each spammer on chat by ip. make this for an hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon... in 3 days, they will have exhausted the ip range of its ISP and bots disappear... but it will not happen ... some spammer I denounced a week ago, are still online. I do not believe that the staff cares about them.
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    all from NA server. hard take these pics, bots close to mob, kill and teleport again together to another mob. __________ the game has already lost the chat functions and is now losing place to level up.