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  1. Looking for Spirit of Bamboo outfit. Add me Hyejeong#8516 on Discord Thanks :)
  2. I'm wondering is there anything else I should upgrade if I get my weapon / accessories to Siren Stage 10 besides soul shields.. before the next patch but I'm not sure if I want to transmute dokumo's crit shields into poh/arena soul shields.
  3. Artwork for my Character?

    It's too bad D: Maybe someday but don't plan to transfer servers anytime soon
  4. Artwork for my Character?

    It's okay. Take your time! No rush :)
  5. Obsidian Serpent droprate...

    Well I didn't do it all in one day lol. I'd say it take 2-3 days farming it
  6. What Do You Farm For Decent Gold?

    Last week, I farmed Brighstone Ruins about 73 times to get my Merry Potters Recipe. Asked my guild members to chip in 20 soulstones for 1 Moonwater Stone. Sold the extras stones and repeated this for about 4-5 days. Then I had enough gold to buy all the materials needed to craft MW Stones and Premium Tempered Clay Refiners x2. So basically I'm making 45g a day, maybe more.
  7. Yeah, I'm upgrading all of my items to Siren before the patch comes. So I can be prepared and ready to evolve once the pirate items releases.
  8. Most popular non queue server?

    Iksanun is one :)
  9. Opinions on Assassin in PVE?

    This is a build I currently use for PvE.
  10. How to get prestige points?

    I don't know about the Crimson Legion quests but I believe they're similar just different quest names but these are all the faction dailies currently at the moment. Some gives exp faction points so that's how you can level up your rank in crimson. Viridian Coast: Pondskip Vale - A Simple Test The Cinderlands: North Tomun Range - Proving One's Mettle The Cinderlands: Soulstone Scar - Blood in the Sand - Rescue the Cerulean Captain - For the Cerulean Order The Cinderlands: East Razorwing - In the Name of the Cerulean Order! - A Cerulean Battlefield Moonwater Plains: Southern Coast - Serve the Cerulean - Shock and Automation Moonwater Plains: South Misty Woods - Soulstone Provider - Supplies and Demand - Drawing a Line - No Rights for Villains - Unlawful Assemblage
  11. Opinions on Assassin in PVE?

    As a sin with 388 atk, It's pretty op. I'm critting 6.5K ea and I'm mostly taking aggro in 4man poh. Us sins just have to time our dodges and keep in stealth and we're set to deal some major damage :)
  12. How to get prestige points?

    Check Viridian Coast, Cinterlands. Should be 1 quest in Viridian and 3 in Cinterlands. You can check once you have wear your faction outfit otherwise you won't see the quest.
  13. Moonwater Transtone at lv40?

    Yeah. Most likely until you saved enough for a moonwater transformation stone.
  14. How to get prestige points?

    Some faction quests are locked if you're not a certain rank. But if you wear your faction outfit, you'll see your faction dailies throughout the map. You get prestige points by killing the big officers (the ones with like 200khp i think)
  15. Moonwater Transtone at lv40?

    Yeah, it's fine using that weapon till 45. You'll just have to use it till 45 so you can do the big 4 for dailies / efleet and you'll get around like 6-7 gold per day. I'm not too sure on that, maybe more.