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  1. Seems to be given out at random rather than to all returning players. I had to stop playing last year (more than 6 months ago) due to real life issues and when I returned earlier this month, I didn't get anything. I'm stuck exactly where I was. Much like Leggo, I played during beta, had a founder pack, had premium the whole time I played B&S, signed up for the newsletter and purchased premium again upon returning to the game. No pack for me though. :)
  2. Outfit missing in Store?

    Actually, the bow before me costume is the pink ribbon on the characters head. ^^
  3. Unfortunately it's not a bug. The 30 day prepaid option has been permanently removed from the store and the reason you haven't heard about the change is because NCSoft didn't deem it necessary to inform their player base. There's been a number of complaint threads already.
  4. Did you cleanse the 1 min debuff? Because if you don't, you get one shot when the boss howls, even if you've got the belt and/or soul shield pieces equipped.
  5. 30 and 365 day premium has been permanently removed from the ingame store, because NCSoft would prefer us to purchase a subscription.
  6. Warlock Nerf is That Big?

    Afaik, we never got the original WL in the first place, since from what I've read, our WL is the already nerfed version of the class.
  7. Obsidian Serpent hatte ich nach 15 runs, inklusive veil, ich weiss aber von anderen, dass sie 80 und mehr runs gebraucht haben. Wie die drop rate tatsaechlich aussieht ist schwer zu sagen, genau wie beim Gluecksrad. Das Wolfskin Kostuem (Lycan) hat mich 224 spins gekostet und die Maske fehlt mir bis heute. Ein Freund von mir hatte das Set, also alle 3 Teile nach nur 20 spins.
  8. As a Destroyer player

    Yes, really. These bots have been around for weeks now and depending on the time of day, pretty much all of your opponents are going to be destroyer bots. I didn't meet a single player until my alt was gold rank for example. When I eventually ran into a KFM, I had zoned out so completely, that my first thought was something along the lines of 'wait...where's his axe?'.
  9. Premium + Boni nicht für Ncoins?

    NCSoft denkt nunmal an unseren Geldbeutel und moechte verhindern, dass wir Geld fuer etwas ausgeben, das wir gar nicht wirklich brauchen. Da es nicht reichte, dass die Premium Vorteile voellig zu vernachlaessigen sind, sind sie nun also hingegangen und haben die einfache Bezahlweise ueber NCoin entfernt um zumindest einige weitere Spieler vor sich selbst zu retten. Ist ja auch keine schoene Situation fuer NCSoft. Die geben sich solche Muehe, Premium bietet keine echten Vorteile, das Spiel ist verseucht mit Bots, hackern und Gold Sellern und die Leute wollen trotzdem noch zahlen, da musste einfach gehandelt werden.
  10. Premium + Boni nicht für Ncoins?

    Ganz einfache Geschichte eigentlich. Nehmt ihr mir die Moeglichkeit per Paysafe Card zu zahlen, kaufe ich kein Premium mehr. Ich schliesse grundsaetzlich keine Abos ab. Versteht mich nicht falsch, ich bin sicher nicht geizig (hatte mir sogar ein Master Pack gekauft), aber bei so einem Mist ziehe ich definitiv die Grenze. Das ganze ohne Ankuendigung zu entfernen und sich danach dann auch noch in keinster Weise mal dazu zu aeussern ist ausserdem eine echte Frechheit. Ich dachte immer Gameforge waere das uebelste was einem als publisher unterkommen kann, aber so tief sind selbst die nie gesunken.
  11. It's been happening a lot of late and I have no idea why. I throw people into the air and as I jump after them they just fall down taking no damage at all. I've even had a FM land several feet behind me and start attacking me while my BM was executing his aerial combo on a sort of afterimage. Basically, the FM had left behind a duplicate of himself that remained visible, suspended in mid air, for the rest of the fight. I personally think it's lag, because it seems as though my opponents simply aren't where they appear to be. FMs leaving shadows of themselves behind whenever I knock them down or into the air is a huge issue for me anyway. When a fight takes too long, there'll eventually be 4 or 5 of them all over the arena, and the only way to tell the real one from the 'echos', is to see if it is still moving and attacking. It's beyond confusing and these shadows do not even disappear when the second round starts.
  12. BMs can't deflect or resist everything. It's a fact. It's not possible. Unlike Blade Dancers/Destroyers, we don't have a spammable skill that allows us to resist damage while moving. If a BM is moving around and resisting your damage, you must be a ranged class, because the only skill that allows us to do that is Warding Spirit which makes us resist projectiles, but projectiles only. A melee fighter wouldn't even notice. Warding spirit itself has a cd of 18 seconds, but it can only be used when Flock of Blades/Blade Call has been activated and this skill has a 1 min CD. So Once Warding Spirit has been used, it can not be used again for a whole minute. Another resist skill is cyclone which, if specced accordingly, allows us to resist damage while we execute the skill. We can basically hop forward a little using half a meter forward. The animation is short, it can't be spammed (9 sec cd) and we are highly unlikely to deflect more than a single hit with it at a time. Five point strike can be specced similarly, but people do not usually spec this for the arena, since the skill is needed as a knock up for our combos (36 seconds CD in case you're wondering). I don't know...if a BM really is perma resisting he's cheating.
  13. I thought 'yes, a Summoner!' only yesterday. After fighting 7 or 8 destroyer bots in a row, meeting that summoner felt like meeting another survivor during a zombie apocalypse. Said summoner also ended my win streak but whatever. At least it wasn't yet another destroyer.
  14. So a summoner called me bad

    I usually fail so hard in 3 vs 3 that it stuns people into silence. No one has ever said a word to me.
  15. Blademaster VS Summoner Compliation

    He was just being sarcastic. He's basically saying that your video is proof that BM is very strong and easy to play and that all those who claim otherwise need to shut up and get good. Thanks a lot for the video. I've been having a very hard time against summoners and it really helps to see how other people go about defeating them. I probably won't manage to pull it off myself anytime soon, but at the very least I now know how I am supposed to go about it.