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  1. Experience can be a thing,but is not everything indeed.How old I am 12,30,50 plz tell me. I see how much you try to defend the game,and you amuse me. Why do I act like a "god",because I've seen some communities bad,good and this one is not that good.
  2. Bro,don't try to teach me what P2W is.I played a lot of them in my live,for some reasons... I can agree that some of the stuff in this game doesn't affect the game in a negative way.But if you say that this game is 100% clean,I would call you a liar.
  3. This Game is NOT P2W

    What dose it matter if it's P2W or not?I refuse to say anything about this topic because of some people that like to abuse power.
  4. You guys are interesting.And weak trolls.
  5. I know that some of you guys are thick headed,but you need to understand that this game is P2W.
  6. Wait...what!?

    Ok,so I don't have any problems with the:lag,disconnections,bad performance,spammers.But why did do you guys screwed the marketplace? At the time,i can sell a lot of garbage and some crafting components.
  7. This sir!

    I was farming the blight sword for an upgrade,when this sir join us. He scared the s*** out of me!
  8. Indeed,but we don't have that much time .
  9. afk auto kick

    Bro,sit down.
  10. So,90% of gamers have a mental issue?
  11. So

    The server decided that i should f*** off and wait 25 mins (which is not that bad btw)
  12. So

    Looks like you are new in terms of forums buddy,and the definition of spam.
  13. Endless Looping Opening Cutscene

    I have the same problem.I can't login at all.
  14. Loading screen?

    Shhh,the game should be up in like 20 min.If I am not wrong and you have a CB5 key everything is fine.
  15. Fps issue

    I have win 8.1,thx sir for the info.
  16. Loading screen?

    Oh..thx sir!
  17. Loading screen?

    So,is will be at 10 PM if you are in EU or 6
  18. Is there a timer till the beta?

    I am new here.Hi! :)
  19. Is there a timer till the beta?

    10AM?That's a weird hour to start something.