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  1. Experience can be a thing,but is not everything indeed.How old I am 12,30,50 plz tell me. I see how much you try to defend the game,and you amuse me. Why do I act like a "god",because I've seen some communities bad,good and this one is not that good.
  2. Bro,don't try to teach me what P2W is.I played a lot of them in my live,for some reasons... I can agree that some of the stuff in this game doesn't affect the game in a negative way.But if you say that this game is 100% clean,I would call you a liar.
  3. What dose it matter if it's P2W or not?I refuse to say anything about this topic because of some people that like to abuse power.
  4. I know that some of you guys are thick headed,but you need to understand that this game is P2W.
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