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  1. The Human side of BnS .....

    Thank you for your input. Well, getting to know people just for the purpose of finding raids, multi's, trains and for farming is like finding new work colleagues to finish a certain job. In this game and sometimes IRL people dont really care about who these colleagues are, they just care about how good they are at their job. I'm sure you can relate to this last sentence when it comes to BnS at least. "Low attention span" and wanting excitement dont always have to be the same (btw i never talked about excitement and not all human interactions have to be exciting). Even if you have the mental fortitude to go on a 10-hour grind of doing one dungeon to get that -insert item here-, you will eventually get to the point where you dont want to do it again (as you said) or in other words you got bored of the grind. Thats my point. You got in, grinded for an extended period of time then stopped once the job was done. Im sure during this grind you barely spoke to anyone about anything outside the job at hand. Im also pretty sure that even if someone had "high attention span", it will slowly drop as they continue to do things repeatedly. In the end it becomes just muscles memory. If you ever saw a video about assembly lines in electronics manufacturing factories such as Foxxcon, you will notice that workers there get to a point where they barely see whats in front of them, they just robotically do their jobs on the assembly line thousands of times per day. Barely anytime to sleep or talk to eachother even though they live in dorms.
  2. Hello fellow BnS'ers, Note: after I was done writing this I realized how long it was but please bear with me and try to read till the end. In this day and age and with the abomination of mobile gaming -imo-, every gaming company is trying to follow the mobile gaming trends of watering down their game content to make them fast and easy to make/manage/fix by reducing features, customization, difficulty, general human interaction and focus instead on making their loot boxes as enticing as possible. Players are encouraged either to spend a lot of time in the game grinding redundant events or to spend a lot of money to bypass those redundant events. These games are usually not built to last but rather built to squeeze as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time before moving on to the next project. If you have ever played a mobile game ... you will notice that alot of these games barely have any content worth exploring and pretty much play themselves for you. You barely have to do anything or talk to anyone with most of the gameplay revolving around doing 2-3 simple things over and over. Sadly, BnS and alot of asian-born MMOs seem to be taking this direction. For the first time ever i found myself watching random youtube videos while I play the game because of how much of a chore and a bore it is to play it. Instead of having fun in in-game experiences, for example, the challenge is how long can I grind without losing my mind or my will to play. Instead of getting high rewards for managing to finish a dungeon or for skillful play, exploration or even just understanding the story, you go through a never-ending spiral of small chunks of rewards for doing brain-dead activities over & over for extended periods of time. You grind and grind to get over that wall then you realize there is a similar but taller wall behind it that you need to grind harder to get over. Kinda like a sweat shop. No need -or rather no time- to know who is next to you or to chat with others because everyone is trying to do their daily job in the least amount of time possible so they can leave the game immediately. Again, like a sweatshop. It feels like I'm playing with NPCs rather than actual human beings. Alot of clans in bns have turned into corporations that require an actual resume to even consider you as a potential member. One clan leader asked me so many questions that I ended up telling her that I already have a job and a real life boss, I don't need second ones. The story of this game is deep yet irrelevant. The world is huge and detailed yet not worth exploring beside maybe the first time you ever play the game.In addition to that, because the game allows people to blitz through the early levels, people dont get to appreciate how beautifully detailed every map is, instead, every map below end game ones are empty. When I tried to get some of my irl friends to play the game they thought the game was already dead. The unbelievably deep skill customization system that we once had is now gone, even gearing is a constant spiral of getting a small incremental % increases in stats for doing the same things over and over. Some of my fondest memories in MMOs were in an old game called Fiesta Online which I have played the longest of any MMO. GMs in that game were actively playing the game itself. You would see them running around once in a while talking to random players. They held events such as "find the GM" where one of them would constantly hide in different spots in the game world and type hints of their location in server-wide chat/notice. The first few to find him/her get rewarded. The rewards themselves weren't much but the fun was in the chase. This promoted exploring the game's world. Another event was "the riddler" where a GM will give a series of riddles about people/items/events related to the game itself (or outside it) teasing whoever gets the answers wrong. Some would even randomly jump into in-progress dungeons/raids to help players, showoff some unreleased costumes/skills/weapons or just chat and cheer while players finish the dungeon. Other times they would appear in open arenas with stupidly high gear/health and challenge the entire area to try to kill them. They "promise" not to use healing potions but sometimes they cheat xD. Whenever they lose 10% of their hp they spawn treasure chests that people can compete over while fighting them. Some would go as far as posing as priests -when requested- to perform in-game wedding ceremonies in spots chosen by the weds-to-be long before a wedding system was implemented. When they did implement a wedding system btw they made it so that spouses would get a special love buff when they are in the same party making them both stronger. All of that made it worthwhile to know one another and to explore the game. If you have noticed, none of these events above required complicated programming. They just had the mindset of role playing and they loved human interaction. Those two keep things interesting, spontaneous and fun while also help make people get to know one another instead of being robots that aim to finish their jobs as perfectly and as fast as possible. Apparently most asian gaming companies value grinding over experiences because their local player base seem to enjoy it which explains why mobile games flourish there but they gotta try giving people better experiences in their games because eventually grinding will get boring and people will leave. Spontaneous events and human interaction with your own audience will make them very loyal to you and appreciate being with you rather than feeling like they are being harvested of their energy and money (like in the Matrix movies). Regards, IGNs Garen, Spencer, Jax Region: EU
  3. Hello, I dont know if this was posted before but i found a solution for the awful 2-6 minute freeze that occur every now and then especially in MSP. It seems like there is a memory leak of some sort when the boss starts a "devastating attack". So i went to Settings>Game>Camera>Mouseover Options> ..... then unticked both "Display contextual action prompt" and "Use Reflex Context Guide". Freeze gone. I hope this helped. IGN Garen/Spencer
  4. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    Unless there is a huge increase in the amount of soulstone crystals from dailies, dungoens ... etc, soul stone prices will skyrocket especially that they are removed from SS plains now and alot of players will find it frustrating to rank up their gear not to mention that soulstones are required in almost every other process in the transmutation tab or the crafting window. In essence this is akin to an increase in the base cost of most "crafted" items in the game. This is deeply concerning to me.
  5. BNS Ahri

    Ahri as a lyn? bish plz u dont appreciate her enough.
  6. 50 box RIP off

    If your customers are willing to pay 100$ ... do not settle for 99.99$ ... rather offer them the same item for 110$ first and see. If they complain, present the same item at 100$ or give them a worse item and tell them its "cheaper" and "better" because you "care". The art of marketing
  7. 50 box RIP off

    Sometimes I believe the whole marketing idea of NCW is that online games populations change rapidly and a game might be dead within months so what do they do? 1- Build their online market around "expensive" carrots that seem so close yet so far to obtain 2- Use (or rather abuse) humans tendency to get addicted to gambling to glue them to the game 3- Since its a known fact that most of online games revenue comes from a fraction of the player base "i.e. whales", why not milk them dry and depending on how much milk they gave away they MIGHT get something almost impossible to get for free players. I remember a company that stuck to this model to the teeth ... they would make a huge marketing campaign and get people excited about their new game. Once the population is high enough they start introducing a monthly "tiered buyer" system where if you spend 1000$ worth of money in the game you get a free "wish", basically naming any in-game or cash shop item you want and the company will give it to you. You only get one item at a time and the system resets at the end of the month. Most of their cash shop items were RNG boxes. Eventually when people start leaving the game they start to neglect it till it becomes a ghost town. At that point they start over with a new game.
  8. How Do I Proc Thunderstruck?

    Sound of the drums Beating in my heart The thunder of guns Tore me apart You've been Thunderstruck
  9. Warlock and Gunner balance

    The balance is in your SoulBurn AND the fact that gunners are weak in pvp ..... I have both Gunner and Warlock. After realizing their roles i moved all of strongest gear to gunner since my role as a gunner is to deal damage. On the other hand as WL all i have to do is give my party that precious Blackwing Soulburn and trust that they do the job. Warlocks: less damage, party buffs, better pvp Gunner: Higher damage, no party buffs, worse pvp
  10. No gold in the currency exchange

    Do you even know what tunnel visioning is? You are basically asking that everyone must work hard in a game because you apparently did and you want them to do it the same way you did. That is tunnel visioning right there. You are even saying that if they dont have the time to invest then why play at all? Not everyone is the same as you, nor every one has to do it the same way you did. While some people are more willing to invest "time" in a game others are more willing to invest money to do the same. That is the big picture you were talking about. You also forgot that currency exchange helps both player who wants immediate gold but dont have the time (or simply dont want) to grind and players who want to buy stuff from the cash shop but dont have ncoin. Neither one of them HAS to use it but its a convenience IF the ever wanted to. In one word, options. Yes you can associate a person's real life with his game situation. There are only 24 hours in a day. The more hours you are putting in a game the less time you are spending doing real life, may it be with family/work... etc And I think you misunderstood what I said or did not read it correctly because I was not talking about people who "can't swipe". I was replying to a dude who suggested that people who DO swipe did not earn their in game money. In the end it's not your place or mine to decide who is worthy of what type of money just because they aren't the same as you. That is what I was trying to get across to that guy. When in doubt i prefer to think that EVERYONE earned their money, irl or otherwise. If they choose to exchange their real life money for an in game one that's their choice and nobody has the right to belittle it. I would like to point out also that I never said anyone is less worthy of anything because of their background. If you read you reply to me you would realize that you are the one who seem to have a problem with "sons/daughters of billionaires" otherwise you wouldn't specifically mention them.
  11. I did like tera and played it for a long time before BNS. Their combat system was fun and every character looked unique and interesting. Their PVP was much more balanced and fun than BNS's as well. I got bored though from the over rehashing of bosses and even normal mobs and the lack of new content. I mean you pretty much face the same things over and over with different colors and names.
  12. No gold in the currency exchange

    I do feel the same and i'd like to have the option to obtain gold when i need/want it. It does seem though that there is a lack of gold in the game since last patch. I'll try to speak in your language. You do realize that some people do daily "dungeons" in real life for hours and hours to earn real life "gold" to get "their stuff", right? Suggesting that someone's in-game wealth is not earned because they "swiped it" means you dont know the value of real life "gold" nor how hard it is to obtain for most people. It also means that you probably never had a job or at least never had a job that allows to to spend "gold" on something you like such as this game. Expecting everyone even at the end of a workday to have the same time and energy to "run dungeons and earn their gold" as you apparently have is just plain ignorant and disrespectful. Even if you think your in-game "work" is more valuable than these "swipers", I would say that other people's real life work is definitely more valuable than anything you do in a game. In the end you have been sitting on your ass all day playing a game.
  13. Some people value money over time ... some value time over money some prefer farming mats ... some prefer spending money (whether real or in-game) you preferring to do it either way does not mean that everyone has to do it your way It wouldve been awesome if ncsoft kept the old pure gold option and just added the newer options because for the longest time these powders where almost useless and alot of people (including myself) just threw them away to make space for the gazillion other drops that you need to hoard in case you needed them. At the time it looked like a safe choice to throw them away but lucky for us they are now corner stones in advancing our entire gear I also would like to point out that this game favors and rewards players for efficiency and proficiency and punishes the lack of each. I'm sure everyone had their party (at one point or another) disband after a mini boss in a dungeon because only one or two of them failed a mechanic. The more you get into higher levels the more you find that other players are less and less tolerant towards mistakes since the time they waste with a failing party is better used doing other stuff. It's the reason why people require experience to be accepted in high level raids and dungeons. My point is that you cant call someone a crybaby for wanting the most efficient way to get what they want done regardless of how inefficient it might seem to you.
  14. 2000 key trove results and thoughts

    TBH this is one of the best troves so far in my case .... I bought like 600 keys. - 1 gilded red gem (was on the 200th key i think) - upgraded from seraph9 to raven6 - 2 premium stones - 2 Oils - all the hepta gems - full raven soul shield. ( Had none ) - completed 4 legendary accessories (had none) - all the costumes, pets ...etc - about 5-6k gold from the gold chests - 70+ Outlaw island drops - 20+ DKV resets - 4 aransu resets - Alot of other upgrade materials This trove alone gave me about 200+ AP increase