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  1. Yeah, what tymyshu said. Party in this context is a group of people with a shared goal or similar beliefs. Being an arsewipe and partying just to get past the "annoying" part of the dungeon, does not constitute being a contributing member of a party. In this context.
  2. Someone may have mentioned this and I missed it, but my main gripe with the crafting system is the tedium. It's childishly simple, but you can't get anything done in a reasonable time frame. It's an interesting crafting system, but the limited amount of recipes, combined with the long waiting times, it just doesn't get interesting. It's just a way of getting past gated content (merry potters), or a secondary way of making money (for some guilds).
  3. Is Roleplay a Thing Around Here?

    I think "bloodninja" would be a more fitting outfit in this game : ) So on a more on-topic question: is there any RP going on on Starfall Crater?
  4. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    Edit for clarification: He's as tall as a Lyn can be without looking like a retarded skinny bumpkin. I love being as tall as shorter Jins, but on the other hand, almost all outfits look much better on my almost-minimum-height Lyn : (
  5. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Have you heard of "Death by Snu-Snu before" ?
  6. Actual server location?

    Unless NCsoft is doing some mumbo jumbo, then yes, all signs (except their word for it) point to at least some EU servers still being located in the US.
  7. Golden Deva Gear

    I think a part of it has to do with the items requiring a key for the "real" rng. Psychologically, I think people would be more OK with a .1% chance drop if you only had to grind one thing, than a 10% chance, where there's a risk of having to break the rhythm to go grind coins for more keys. Which could literally take hours before lvl 45. Not that it matters much - it's (as pointed out earlier and in other threads) an integral part of this game's filling. I'm just glad I've been lucky this far and have a bunch of keys left for later levels.
  8. Weapon skins are kept when upgrading (the base "reverted" appearance changes, but the glamour is still active) As soon as you revert, or use another weapon to glamour the weapon, the skin is gone forever.
  9. NA maintenance on EU servers? @_@

    Hi Youmukon. Could you give us an answer why the IP addresses I'm primarily receiving data from when playing on Starfall Crater, are located in Austin, Texas, and why it is, that when you bring the American servers down, it also goes down?
  10. NA maintenance on EU servers? @_@

    It's most likely because the servers have not been moved to Europe, or NCSoft have been playing the dirty game with us.
  11. Extended downtime!

    Since Starfall Crater also went offline, can we assume that server is located in NA still?
  12. Combat Lag/Delay

    I'm having this issue, but only in PvP it seems. I can chain attack as fast as I press them when bashing, but in pvp there's a delay between, or that it doesn't register the key press at all. Some of it could be coming from lag, because sometimes the system complains I'm not facing the opponent.
  13. In 1v1, it shouldn't be an issue, but 3v3 I can definitely see size being something to take into consideration (smurf sized Lyn hiding behind ultra phat Gons etc) Edit: it isn't an issue in 1v1, since you have target assist.
  14. For people afraid of losing founders' items: Until January 22nd, people
  15. Second Most Populated EU Server?

    Cerulean faction chat on Starfall Crater is pretty awesome, if you're OK taking things to 11 (yes, that includes politically incorrect stuff, as well ass sexual innuendo). Can imagine it'll get even better with f2p players.