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  1. Conviction Weapon

    Hi, I got a conviction weapon in my returning player package and it says I need to upgrade it with a true ivorymoon weapon in order to keep it and I only have 20 days to do so...Whats the best way to go about accomplishing this?
  2. Can I buy an Event Outfit that expired ?

    Im pretty sure they will sell them again at some point, even if there are new seasonal outfits because it would be a waste of money not to sell them again to players who werent here when they sold it.
  3. Can I buy an Event Outfit that expired ?

    Unfortunately you can't until they return to the store. These are seasonal.
  4. Nice post and I agree with all of it.
  5. You have to go to their server, make an alt, add them to your friends list from their server, and then you can go back to your server. The cross-server communications/friends list features are not enabled yet so it's really annoying, but hopefully soon they will be.
  6. Cash shop prices expensive?

    actually the average price is 10 dollars in most games, but I wouldn't care if they were account-wide.
  7. Cross-Server Messaging

    Can't right now, it's disabled. You can add them to your friends list, but that's it :(
  8. Disappointed with Hongmoon store

    yeah I'm surprised it's as expensive as it is for the new outfits. I was assuming it would be like 800 NCoin, most games costumes are 10 dollars...lol
  9. I didn't really think about how they're salvageable so that's a good point, but that still doesn't mean the outfit couldn't be account bound as it would work the same way it does now, except you could move it around your account as you wanted. If every character got the outfit, then make it so the first claimed was the only one that's salvageable...Or maybe that's too complicated. Idk. Lol.
  10. How do i get Venture Tokens?

    It's not common to get any, at all. It's disapponting to me as I was hoping it would be more like Wildstar with that where you got small amounts of hongmoon coin from mobs and dailies.
  11. This is not what people want...At all...D: We want it to work like gw2, or any other MMO for that matter, where it's account bound, and either every character on your account that you make gets one, or through the wardrobe system...But charging us to switch ownership to another character isn't going to prove to be very popular. The problem with that is we've already paid 15 + dollars on an outfit, and then are going to have to pay AGAIN just to make the item mail-able to another character, and then have to repeat that process, paying every single time? We may as well just buy the costume over and over again. -_- Any costumes purchased with Ncoin/Real money should be account-wide.
  12. Hongmoon Coins

    I am kind of disappointed because I thought it would work similarly to Wildstar's system where you could get the alternate currency to use in the store by doing dailies and stuff over time.
  13. costumes. we need costumes.

    That's not how it works though. Money isn't randomly allocated to any one issue fluidly like that, they have budgets and what they do is within that budget unless some new method has to be devised that cost money for R&D, or installations, etc which is also probably in the budget because that's how companies operate. They aren't going to be like "let's take the money from the team that manages the store, costumes, etc, and put it towards the programmers for the servers to fix the issue". Each department has a budget already, and it's totally separate. They're already financially equipped for these situations. So the logic still doesn't make sense lol.
  14. Yep, people have been asking for account-bound costumes like GW2 and other games but so far their only solution has been contacting a CSR, or wait for them to add an item that lets you send your outfits to other characters on your account which you also will have to buy in the store. This tells me that getting even that was a compromise between NCsoft in Korea and the team here in the west. Honestly, if you have wardrobe storage, you should simply be able to send your outfit to the wardrobe and have it accessible to all the characters on your account. Or at the very least on that server. I seriously don't know why that isn't the case considering the price of a lot of these outfits.