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  1. Who's fault is it you chose to play this version even though you live in an asian country? Last I recalled there was a japan, korean, china, and who knows what other version of this game there was which would more than likely cater to your timezone. If you cant find a spare 10mins (or less) out of your day to do ONE single koldrake then thats on you not us so take that energy elsewhere. On the other side of things, yall are forgetting that yall are perfectly fine to take this game at your OWN pace. Majority of you aren't even capable of doing current raid content, and had it not be
  2. As long as my male lyn can still look andro, then i approve of that suggestion.
  3. I used to hate doing TOI...until i hit top 30 for my class *humble brag* but honestly I like tower as it is now compared to what it used to be, the reward percentages could be much better. Aside from that, its fine, although that 3 choices of class could be nice, but then again people would just choose whats easiest for them to fight and that would negate the point of it.
  4. Ugh, dem shoes tho...they would tear him a new one at the Namsoyoo all Girls School for the preparatory elite for wearing such shoes with that outfit.
  5. So the fact that some of us want to be cute/adorable on our male characters is a problem for you? You refer specifically to lyns and from your previous post you mentioned something along the lines of 'pedophiles' so answer this one question. Was Master Hong/Iksanun a child?
  6. Some of you people are a hot mess I swear. First off this isnt an "idea" that someone just came up with considering theres a website that has (almost) every obtainable costume in this game and a number of them are 'girly' costumes for guys. http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/ Second, those of you saying you don't want this and you would rather not see it are some of the same people that go around talking about how you want breasts on female lyns because "breasts make you a woman",but tell people that disagree that if they don't like the idea don't comment or they don't have to use t
  7. It does drop from the box from the mysterious man in 24man, my bf got it when we did it. Which gives me a bit of hope those blindfolds will eventually drop in 24 man too. Also idk if the ticket drops in 6 man but i know it drops in 24 man since 4 of my clanmates have gotten it.
  8. Isn't their hair as well as their costumes acquired by trading in some weird ticket thingy to some npc?
  9. Yep, you would get more if you win of course, but win or lose you still get some.
  10. Thankfully for those of us that aren't pvpers you get zen beans even if you lose. I'm told you need 5k zen beans which is 2 soul stone pouches you won't be getting so you can get the item needed to unlock it lol.
  11. Zen beans will be used to purchase a number of things, 1 of which will be an outfit that only diamond ranks can wear. Another will be soulstone pouches, and apparently a item that unlocks your pvp hongmoon skill for rmb. I'm certain other things will be there too like a mat for clan crafting but thats all I know of.
  12. It's debatable, some people say it's not worth it to upgrade to the pirate set since that set will become obsolete and you can just upgrade to the new best weapon (a much later patch btw) from true profane, and the siren/pirate weapons will be turned into souls. So you would have to review what each weapon offers (assuming you are at infernal or profane tier in terms of your weapon) and decide from there. In our version I don't know what the drops will be from mushin, in a diff version there was the mushin soul shield which was pretty nice, some accessories which were also pretty nice, and I
  13. 1. Pirate weapon - Bloodshade harbor 2. Pirate set - bloodshade harbor (no idea if we will be able to get the mushin ones) 3. I am going to assume pirate accessories = bloodshade harbor 4. We are not getting story content we also will not be getting the good/evil path, they scraped that due to it further dividing players since good could not be in the same clan as evil.
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