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  1. I totally agree with this too. Even if I send all my gems from my main to my alts I have trouble finishing the DC because ever since the MSP event ended no one does it anymore because of which finding a party takes a looong time. Dungeons like Lair of the frozen fang, Avalanche Den, Gloomdross, Ebondrake Citadel, Desolate Tomb, Naryu Foundry etc which used to be an integral part of daily challenge before are literally empty now, even though new players need to run those dungeons to progress their gear they are unable to find anybody doing those dungeons because it was removed from daily challe
  2. Yea I agree man I was pretty frustrated after the stream it felt so incomplete and rushed. It was as if they kept an hour time limit to themselves and tried to squeeze in everything in that minor time frame. The best way I could think, off the top of my head, would be to split the patch into divisions, addressing different aspects of patch while uploading articles for the same simultaneously. Even if it's like a 20 minute stream/day addressing one major portion of the patch, it would provide much more clarity for information rather than a one hr stream trying to cram everything inside thereby
  3. I totally agree with you mate. People who regularly watch KR streamers will know about their really consistent farming methods like doing SSM-BC HM everyday is really worth it and not to mention the merchant of wonders has a much higher spawn chance and it even provides materials like 1000 sacred orbs for 100g, 500 moonstone crystals etc from the merchant (which is a pretty common drop btw). Also they have daily vials and pet packs from daily challenge in addition to the rewarding events. People say KR has RNG upgrades and we should be thankful, I mean I agree RNG upgrades are annoying but it'
  4. Yea I would like to ask the same question.. For instance if I have a shadow earring and i upgrade it after the patch will I still be able to switch it to it's fire counterpart or will I have to upgrade it prior to the patch ?? Also same question regarding the duration of how long the feature would be available ?
  5. Well having to wait 18 secs for my first 2 hooks is not fair now is it. Maybe its a bug i dont know but it's actually handicapping the essence of the class. And secondly which class doesn't have a one shot skill ? And this is exclusively targeting towards 6v6 not arena I know gear matters a lot but still my friend who is a df3 pvp geared gunner gets one shot by a sin's mine toss , Kfm tremor, bm or bd lightning draw or thunder strike, fm multiblaze, destro eradicate, warden sever or sentry strike or whatever it's called etc. In arena gunners utility is nerfed too much agreed 5 hooks is too muc
  6. To be honest they should make the timer inside the arena ground like in many other 1v1 games, instead of the timer at the top waiting zone and then screen fading into the match. Anyone with the latest SSD and processor loads in faster and gets a kick start into the match which is unfair. Like after both the players loaded in to the arena ground start a timer for the match to start. That would be much more practical.
  7. Im highlighting arena my friend give me thoughts on that. I agree gear is a very important factor in 6v6. But what about arena it's all standardized ain't it.
  8. Seriously what the heck is going on... I mean before we gunners had atleast one satisfaction that we were one of the best pve classes now we ain't even top dps anymore.. To top that all of make gunner so unbearably weak in arena and 6v6. Answer me this check the arena ranking and tell me if there is even a single gunner in the top 150 ?? You won't find any guess what ? You freaking annihilated the class for god's sake with all those nerfs.. you start a fight with 0 hooks and have to wait 18 secs for you first 2 hooks i mean what the heck is that ?? You steal the essence of the class which is m
  9. ShiroBlank

    Gunner TOI

    Hey guys is it just me or does the concentrated fire debuff get cleansed even now in TOI ?? I tried using bullet storm multiple times sometime it works sometimes the concentrated fire debuff just disappears for no apparent reason.... Any one else have similar issue ???
  10. Hey guys what do you think about the legendary soul for a fire gunner considering a scenario of high ping in the range of 200 to 250 ms ?? I've personally tried the short cd one with bullet storm build but i cant seem to fathom some gunners relatively doing better with long cd soul when most people advice against its use. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  11. Exactly my point !! Finally some one who understands Thanks a bunch mate :D
  12. Seriously all you guys think of is the burst gunner does . Do you even listen to yourself when you speak lmao... its just 9 sec burst it reduces a loooott after than in a long fight the dps of gunner and other classes of equal gear are not much different Gunner have no other utility the burst is the highlight of the class and what you say abt 1m dps seriously i think you crazy or soemthing EVEN MAX geared gunners top of at 500k dps .. its just the burst of tab that does this dmg combined with all the effects of badge bracelet weapon everything This always happ
  13. by heal i meant no party heal all classes have life steal thats different case And your dps details is incomplete if you dont show the gear a bale 12 gunner dont do this lol xDD
  14. Guys who whine abt gunners having top dps should think about this for a second 1) Gunners are only pure dps . 2)They have no other utility other than reset which has a 5 min cd. 3) Even now most people dont want gunners in party because all the other classes are enough most dungeons dont require use of alpha call 4) Its just 9 seconds of burst, everyone knows what a gunner does.. everyone does.. then why do you let it hit you in the first place dodge it resist it what ever 1 cc and gunner is done... 5) NO party protect NO heal nothing and you guys complain abt g
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