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  1. To be honest I think the biggest problem isn't really the gold nerf but the fact that the gear you get after the storyline quests is simply inadequate for dungeons NS and up. It's time somebody said this.... - It's time to phase out Seraph and Baleful weapons and give players the choice of Raven, Riftwalk, or Dawnforged Stage 1 weapons. It's inevitable with Nightfall Sanctuary and with the next tier legendary weapons coming out (Twilight Weapons). It's rather dumb to still force players to level up Tier 1 legendaries when they are phasing out said dungeons that are needed to level up said weapons. - Make Heptagonal Gems a standard and easier to obtain. (I know this is probably not going to happen since gems are essentially NCs cash cow......but hey) - Make Tier 1 Legendary accessories more obtainable. I'm talking about all of the Dragon King's Set. Pinnacle accessories are simply too low for the tiers now and Dragon King's set are basically worthless now to a point where if one actually drops nobody really bids for it. So whats the point to making it rare? Just give it as part of story questing. If you are trying to disincentivise running older content stop making them important to run them. Also did I mention the next tier of Legendary Elemental accessories are coming out now? Yeah....
  2. Blade and Soul KR 2017 Update

    Has there been like any updates to this patch on the KR test servers? I haven't heard any news or more details. Not even any YouTube videos on this? It has been 3 months.
  3. Your event sucks.

    The only people who can get the gem are people lucky enough to roll 10 hearts in a box by the end of this month. Which from what I seen in the forums are very few. Some people I know already have like 70+ hearts and some are only up to 10. Really?
  4. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    In response to number 4 and 5, I was waiting for the Meteor to drop to pick it up for Soulstones and there were two summoners at the Meteor site. And they are getting way too smart... One summoner waits for the meteor to drop so they can pick it up. The other summoner will take a weapon from the weapon crate and as soon as the meteor is available for pickup it will drop the weapon right on top of the meteor which makes you pick up the weapon instead of the meteor. The bot then proceeds to take the meteor unfairly to the NPC....... This is some crap and in no way is it fair. Those weapon boxes need to go....
  5. Could some explain Meteorite Farming in the SS Plains?

    They get announced on the screen?
  6. I looked everywhere in the plains for them and I can't seem to find them and the channel that I am in is relatively empty. Where are these Meteorites that I can so call farm for SSs? Is there any sort of pre-requisite for me to farm or to have them appear?
  7. What does the Siphon effect actually do?

    Thank you.
  8. What does the Siphon effect actually do?

    The Leech skill says "Siphon for 12 secs" which I thought was a way to recover health per your attacks. I think I am wrong about that though. Could someone explain to me what the Siphon state actually does? Is it just a state to insta-cast Wingstorm and Dragoncall only? Does the skill itself have any sort of Health Recovery properties?
  9. Two Questions

    I recently reached lvl 45 and I want to know two things. 1) For some reason the prompt for learning Windwalking lvl 2 never showed up in my quest log. What do I have to do to get that quest? 2) I am seeing a sword weapon skins in the server that resembles a Katana with a Golden Dragon swirling around it. What is the name of that weapon skin and where can I find it? Thank You.

    I'm hearing that if you use "WTFast" pingbooster it helps mitigate the issue for now. But I really hope this gets addressed. Since this effects the game at its core.

    Thank You Captain Obvious. It is a test. And the test results? Not Good. This is to bring awareness to the server issues and for them to fix it. Am I using caps and loudness to point it out? Yes. Do I care whether or not you like it? No. Thank You.

    What is with the Jiwan server and all it's lag issues? I can't even complete certain quests because all I do is a sit there like a duck taking a beating to the face because my skills won't activate? THIS IS REALLY REALLY ANNOYING AND IT IS KILLING MY ENJOYMENT!! FIX IIIIIIIIIITTTT!