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  1. I kinda think they want to merge servers so they will seem like they have "a lot of players", nothing for existing players, just to add the illusion i think, because FrozenB is right, the 12 people raid system will fix that "i can't find a raid team".
  2. I kinda think they need to stop implementing "new stuff" sometimes, and give us some fun events, stuff for new people to get interested in the game, stuff for casual players are nice too, i play all day, and sometimes i just want to chill on the game.
  3. I hope so, i don't know how are we going to get merged, guess they need to balance the population, to be honest i love small servers, less drama, and if need people there is f8, and with less people sometimes is easier to coordinate stuff, thats why i selected onmyung when i started to play and was nice, even cerulean/crimson was friendly with each other, since crimson was bigger, we had channel 1 and 2, cerulean had 3, and everything was fine, not perfect, but i loved it.
  4. the thing is, the games im playing for the last 15 years, when the server only has 1 or 2 servers, it dies in like 1 year sometimes 2 years, if i go to f8, i see there a lot of parties, but the problem is that doesn't matter with the servers, i remember my old server, before the 1st merge had 3-4 channels sometimes, then after the 1st merge, increased to 5-6 channels on ssp, then after 1 month of that, only 2 channels, that was pretty bad =/
  5. the thing is, didn't the last server merge made a lot of people to stop playing??, i remember a lot of them from my old server doing that, so i guess it will happens again, normally when i see a game with only 1 or 2 servers, i know is on their "final form", so bns is dying already?? u.u
  6. I play at 1080p, the game runs at 120fps in most areas, dungeons around 100fps, the thing is on ssp/bt, my fps drops to 15fps sometimes. My build is: i5 4690k @ 4.2ghz 16/24 GB ram @ 2400mhz Gtx 970 But still on those places gets to that, and what i found is the client only uses at max 2.5gb, to other friends they say the client is using 3gb-4gb, i have a friend with the exact same build as me, and he has on bt around 15-20 more fps than me, same windows, same drivers, only bns being like this, tried other games and they work as intended, using mo
  7. i was just gearing an alt, but with this destroyed all my hopes and dreams on doing so
  8. they don't want to fix the servers :D, or pay for betters ones, so making everybody to play less, will make the servers more stables?? /giggle
  9. ncsoft hate you playing more than 1 character, and nobody knows why, they just do.
  10. is not a bug, they have legendary weapons as seraph/baleful, so their skills reset, if is seraph does so many times, is kinda broken their seraph works like 20 times better than ours, but that is how it is, is not a bug, just they having legendary weapons.
  11. hard thing to understand for ncsoft, this is a scam whatever you want to see it, even the event "upgrade your weapon" is a scam, why make ppl work harder with event/use "real money" with trove, for us to get upgraded, but then they just hit us in the face with this, is a scam, is like a company who knows in 30 days the stuff will be at 80% of their value, they then say "50% discount, get it know" you know some companies, like best buy if an item drop in price around 30 or 15 days after you bought it, you can ask for a compensation for the value it dropped, not for promotions, in this case the
  12. is not that exagerated, i upgraded my weapon from true scorpio to stage 7, only got 3 slots, so i asked them if i can get a rever, they told me they could only go back to stage 4, i accepted and they did, lucky but not enough got 5 slots, so maybe he was from stage 3 back to true ivorymoon, i dont think is something like stage 10 back to true ivorymoon.
  13. he is not lying, they indeed roll back your weapon, but i think it has a limited time/times, like maybe 3-5 days and only 1 time, they did it for me time ago to try to get 6 slots, from stage 7 to stage 3, i guess if i ask a roll back from 10 to 7 again they will say no, but i wont lose anything asking for that, but you can also try it, they do for some ppl.
  14. for some reason the msg got bugged but i can post a new one, if i try to edit i can't write nothing on the last post, even the quote is linking other person and blank msg, anyway, was trying to say, the path wont get deleted, only the "visual" on ctrl+i, you can upgrade it to True whenever you want
  15. there is a way to get hongmoon bracelet, to upgrade for jewels, you need pirate emblems to buy it, and don't know if bloodshade still drops the pirate bracelet.
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