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  1. Hey, so I created a Warlock and leveled it to 45. Now how do I get the reward? I cant find it anywhere. I looked at "recieved items", mail, bank, inventory, pretty much anywhere were I would expect it to be. Any help? Edit: Ok nvm I read about it now. Seems i get it after next maint.
  2. I did SS a couple of times through doors for dailies, because everyone else was doing it. Should I get banned for it - I will accept it, because I knowingly used that exploit. Yes, bots are a big problem, but that doesnt mean abusing bugs becomes acceptable behaviour. So stop crying, if you have been using it hundreds of times, thats beyond casually doing your quests. It was intentional and you knew it might happen. Also whats done is done. Should you be one of those exploiters, all you can do is pray your acc doesnt get banned. Just adding my two cents.
  3. Today I met the best summoner EU #4 while doing faction dailies. Have a look! Here is the first thing i read when I teleported to Cinderlands for faction daily. Ok, quite the bold statement there. Well, lets see what else he has to say. Btw. I was wearing my moonwater arena soulshield set with crit enchanted. Whereas he was wearing a PvE soulshield set (screen below). And here is a screen of his character profile. As for his claims on his ss being better, he has less HP, less crit/crit dmg, less AP, no crit res. A
  4. hey, I want to do some research on some Soul Shields and obviously tried to "google" first it, but often read things like "the stats on [insert website] are wrong" or smth similar. Is there a website that has all the correct stats on Soul Shields for EU/NA? On a site note: Which ss pizza is currently most prefered for PvE?
  5. Notice how the razer synapse software still causes crashes.. they still didnt fix it. Instead we still have to use a workaround that is done by ourselves. I stopped hoping for a fix and just got used to open taskmanager everytime i start the game.
  6. What future? I've been asking that during CBT, and at headstart. You guys always say soon. Another month has past since my last thread.. how do u define "soon". We will "soon" be able to get hongmoon coins ig too? When will we get warlock? Soon? Excuse me, but why can't you ever give us any infos on anything... pretty much all founder pack owners made a huge gamble when they didnt refund it and I still cant play arena pvp without disconnects... especially the EU players..
  7. There is a serious problem and I want someone from NCSoft to see this. For a few people (EU, dont know about NA) arena pvp is currently not an enjoyable experience. Why? Some ppl including myself and friends get disconnectes in arena pvp. The disconnect either happens right before the duel starts or the end of the duel. Result? One extra loss on our stats and the game closes and we have to restart it to play again. This is really unacceptable... the best this game has to offer is pvp and yet one cant play some arena pvp without getting dced? I know most of
  8. I played PvP arena today and won all my matches. I get DC before or after a duel and when I log in it shows that I lost the duel. I pretty much get a DC 7/10 times... why?? I live in frankfurt, got a 50k VDSL connection. How can you explain it other than the server kicking me for whatever reason. I dont get any dcs during PvE. Only in arena pvp. Its unacceptable that it says 8 win, 6 lose, when I didnt even lose one single match so far.... PS: I dont think this thread is offensive, so I really dont understand why my previous thread with exact same words was del
  9. I dont know why this is happening, but I would assume its because of your name. Probably someone in your region already uses that name so you cannot create a character with that same name. Try out different names and see if it works.
  10. So after the update on 10th feb some of my titles are gone and cannot be selected to display. NCSoft, please fix!
  11. I was wondering which of the following stats is best for FM in PvP. Block Defense Evasion HP I think Evasion or Defense would be best, not sure though. What do you think?
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