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  1. I rarely DC, but so far today, it has happened 6 times. Also appears to be random, luckily tho, I didn't dc in a dungeon, although it WAS pitifully laggy :(
  2. NO Premium have to wait also, maybe just not as long. As was said, same happened on launch, with some people waiting for up to 2 hours to get in, it'll sort itself out in a few days
  3. Bump this up a little I think :D If you cannot get hold of Shuchin or Asrai in game, I am usually around early in the evenings, on Yonti/Llygoden, if you need to ask anything :)
  4. Run File repair - then completely shut down and re-start your computer - worked for me (I don't own anything Razer that could be messing it up)
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