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  1. I usually don't post on public forums but I did a talent/badge test and figured I'd share the results https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/148qlHhVkpwxRrWMLDifrJXcj48PGpNmtxgh36EN1k64/edit#gid=0 This is a single parse of every talent combination using Limitless and Songbird, 3 or 4 parses into the new badge it became clear that Limitless is still better until we get the new badge fuse but it can still be used to figure out which talents are BIS on the ambiguous DPS lines. It's not exhaustive because I only did a single parse for each combination but the gaps are larg
  2. Necroing this to post a solution that's a bit more comprehensive, because this is an incredibly frustrating error, and googling it shows that it's pretty much a resolution error and you're left scratching your head because the launcher is a pile of crap that doesn't allow you to change any useful settings. If you're running an nvidia card chances are you've had some struggles with the geforce experience and the nvidia control panel, so that's your most likely culprit, and since they have dynamic super resolution options and this is a resolution problem, that's probably what's going
  3. Here's a video of someone doing the whole thing with a Chromatic weapon and no gems, 677 AP. I know that your next excuse will probably be that you play a much harder class than this or something, and please nerf the content so that any braindead monkey can do it but that's not the point of a video game. If you want content shoveled down your throat for no effort go watch a movie, otherwise go learn more about your class and more about the dungeon.
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