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  1. Ooo! thanks for informing me. That's really promising to hear. I now have some hopes that i may return to this game, but not yet. I understand NCWest doesn't have much saying in this and perhaps that's why they gone for the scrolls instead of fixing the defence attributes. But frankly i cant trust for such temp fix. I'm too scared of wasting my time again, I will wait till they do some proper fixing.
  2. "The explosive damage in 6v6 is too much" I quit 2 months ago and im very glad that i did. this section is dead. they announced at the beginning of 2018 that there will be updates to balance out the pvp. There has been almost nothing. in fact i bet its even worst now than what it was with the new updatable badges. i will never forget the day that i received a 548k crit damage from a summoner with my perfect full def set. this game relies on explosive damage in 6vs6. (this was before the updatable badges come along. who knows how much damage they can make now.) The r
  3. if thats the case. they should have get rid of the def stats. whats the point to give players the false expression that having a good def is important. its clearly false advertisement to make player spend more money. the math behind these are so cloudy it makes everything a guess work.
  4. deleted the stupid game anyway. let's think for a moment. hm25 such as QQ can have 22khp extra, +90def. if he wants to. I haven't seen him getting one hit killed. only time i saw a high level getting a one-hit kill is when they are attacked if the SB from a warlock is on and a vt badge cast upon them. I am not talking about such kills. im talking about literally taking a single one hit from an enemy. destroyer for example or a gunner for example. so let's assume hm25 wants to go full attack points. that's 125points extra on attack + the bonus attack benefits you get from those. c
  5. whats worst is that if you crash after you die.. when you log in, u cant get back to the party because you have to respawn first.. by then your auto out from the party. Another perfect shitty programming from the bns dev team.
  6. So we have this new scrolls that has a 24 hour cool downs. For us who just started the game and didnt had the chance tospend much time as them in a huge disadvantage. completely unfair. Already existing players are in hm17+ ranges. in a battleground those players are on such high level its turns out a complete disadvantage top opposing team. My question is why in the world introduce 24hour cooldown on those exp scrolls? do you guys want to keep those players whos already hm17+ untouchable? on a private note, with the new update this mounth i am about to quit this game. already s
  7. you can only do this quests once a week. so perhaps you already done it and have to wait for wednesday to reset or use a reset which i dont suggest
  8. after today im really considering to charge back.. i spent money and time and finally got a decent pvp gear so that i could join and enjoy a good game. But ... no. that never happens. if you wana have a slightest fun, you have to max everything,. Here is whats happening to me. I managed to get up to 1496 point on a 6v6 . the moment i reached there, things changed. I am getting matched with hm20+ chars with full sets and full gears for the last 10 rounds. For a hm13 with a decent set. (skypear ring stage 3, subjugator bracelet stage 6, skypear earring, and destroyer belt and Kings glove. Hav
  9. natsumi i don't think you understand the post. I know cor kind of hijacked the original reason why this post even started. I'm long past Naksun. heck this entire thread has so little to do with naksun. my ap is now 1022.
  10. do you realise that the KFM skills are reduced compared to the old days right? Let me show you what I mean by your elitist characteristics by this quote. " any char fresh out of story char can beat him easily in less then 2min. If you cant you are just bad" if this is not elitism I don't know what it is! in what part of that sentence you're actually helping? I never said that I am a great player. I am not ashamed to admit that. I failed to kill Naksun in time with my KFM but I know the mechs thanks to videos here and there. sure! was i missing some items. yes for
  11. the time limit.. do you even bother reading? I am sorry that my noob stat is no match to your elitism. I salute you from the bottom of the noob crew while looking at you with admire. -.- . You can now go and show your super elitism on another post perhaps. I strongly suggest that they should get rid of the time limit on solo dungeons. its a simple fking request and it adds nothing to solo missions. if you still gonna crap around with your elitism there is nothing I can say to you. All that matters to me, I'm not gonna spend more then what i spend on this game just so that i get
  12. i told this to many of you who somehow thinks themselves as being an elite! record a video as a KFM with that what you so-called "Fresh out of the story" set and share it with the rest of community. i haven't met a single KFM who haven't struggled with Naksun at low AP. and this btw what I meant by not testing the game properly for every class. Thanks for the advice of if you don't like to gear up comment. it's clear you just posting for the sake of posting. This post wasn't about lvling up the gear it was mainly about the silly time limits that don't work for every class.
  13. I am getting really annoyed with the Enrage timeouts in the dungeons. this may be one way of trying to force people to spend money but I'm starting to fed up with it. I have already spent a decent amount of cash on this game and yet I cannot take down Bomani from Outlaw. I am certainly not a great master but i can get him down to 10% without losing health and yet! i loose every time because of a stupid time out limit of 3 min. I dont know which one of your game developers came with this idea but This is a ridiculous! if I knew the game was going to force me to get a super duper
  14. yea there better be a login rewards like what we had before. this was the main reasons I bothered buying a premium.. there is no other way we can get enough exp to catch up to those players who already reached hm 18+
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