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  1. Use whatever suits your playstyle, the majority of KFMs is probably going to stick to the 2rf "combo" although that does not work that good early on, so you may find yourself short on chi. Most mobs die so early that it shouldn't matter that much, but points into LMB and 2 are probably going to get you the furthest early on.
  2. You are not telling me anything new there. This version, for whatever reason, runs alot worse than any other version I played, even though the server is (is supposed to be) in germany, I have a horribly unstable connection as well. Performance is meh, openworld stuff is plagued with issues anyway, I hardly see anyone not complaining about toasterfps when doing anything there. There are a shitton of issues if you ask me, fortunately for me I spend most of my time in the arena, so I dodge alot of these issues, but even then, it annoys me when I engage these kind of activities.
  3. They could do alot more, but I'm pretty sure you know just as much as I do, that the chances to even get free day of premium time are very low.
  4. While a game is a service, you shouldn't look at it that way. People will stick around even if it takes weeks for it to get back, even months or years if necessary. Obviously the playerbase will degrade, but at this point, people are still overloading the servers constantly, I doubt NCsoft will reward us with any compensation for the downtimes. I'm still sad they skipped open beta, this could have been a much smoother release if they had atleast tested it with the actual patch and the hordes of players.
  5. Well, unfortunately this is supposed to be the full release, all we can really do is wait until they manage to fix the major issues :|
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