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  1. Hello, Warlocks have a skill that's named Rupture. It can be activated when you critically strike a bombardment (RMB default). Now here's the catch... if you check the skillbook there's also an awakened rupture which says it can be activated by doing the exact same thing. But when doing so only the basic Rupture pops up, I never got the awakened one. Is this a skill that you can only do at higher levels later on or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  2. Free Goodies for downtime

    Dude are you trolling? The closed beta is long over. That's what the founder packs were for. Holy shit youre either extremely stupid or trolling AF.
  3. Where can i download ram?

    You clicked on it too
  4. Free Goodies for downtime

  5. Free Goodies for downtime

    Knowing how NCSoft has been like the past years... a big fat NOPE

    Dudeeee... i'm begging you to please buy premium or atleast buy the student pack that's only like 5 EUR! I refused to buy it aswell until today I came home and noticed after 12H queue I was still in a 1000 queue. So I went and bought premium and it's only been 20 mins per queue since :p
  7. How is Premium queue?

    I'm planning on buying this damned Premium cause i'm getting tired of this bs. I was around 2000 in queue after waiting for hours, then my game crashed and im back at 4000. So f#ck this! How is Premium like? I mean... how long do you have to wait average before you get in the game?
  8. AFK timer implemented

    So do we have to relog for this to work?
  9. Where to purchase Premium on website?

    You cant, i'm sorry. Yes we all find this is utter BS! We have to wait for the damned queue to pass before we can buy a subscription in game. And you'll notice how much of a golddigger they are. IIRC, premium costs somewhat like 900NCOIN. But you either buy 800 NCCOIN for 10EUR or buy 1600 NCCOIN for 20EUR. Jerk move if you ask me.
  10. Can't edit my forum profile!

    Wrong guess :P Didn't even know it was downloadable through Steam. But i've been registered for a while and my name shows up like this for the first time logging on at the forums
  11. How to check PING in game?

    Hey everyone, please don't mind my name i'm still sorting things out with my profile. Anyway... How do I check my ping in game cause there used to be a tool for the russian (private) server but i'm guessing it got outdated. Is there any way to check it in game or do I have to check it through task manager? I played Black Desert, Tera, etc.. and my ping was always -20 avg. But this game whenever I try to attack it feels slow for some reason.