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  1. TL:DR version of OP most others response? /care :D
  2. I would be happy if we could just ditch the cat and choose a different tank/pet rather than put lame costumes on it
  3. ffs isnt it about time this was made purchasable for Naryu coins? spending 20 mins + trying to get a party of even 3 players is stupid and it's only use is upgrade breakthrough totally pointless timewaste having to farm it for each legendary earring :(
  4. normally spending 5 mins trying to unlock these charms that are posted as single items in the received is getting to be a royal PITA, the idea is nice but why cant they just bundle up rather than reward as single items? and now that trove is on you get spammed with "failed to open item" just taken 42 minutes to receive all todays login rewards /puke
  5. standard I am quitting so gonna whine in broken english rant 1/10 wouldn't read again
  6. GO TO : Blade and soul main webpage My Account Apply code Blade and Soul APPLY CODE and you're good to go :)
  7. GO TO : Blade and soul main webpage My Account Apply code Blade and Soul APPLY CODE and you're good to go :)
  8. never gonna happen NcWest can barely change their underwear they aint gonna change maint time :)
  9. tbh I dont see the issue, the majority of stuff on Sale at retailers on Black Friday is shit you don't really want or trash they are trying to get rid of, the costume fits this theme nicely lmfao
  10. the funniest part is that it is a 100% whale event for the following reason 139 nccoin crate = There’s also a chance to earn a Maple Leaf token chance!!!! not guaranteed 1 maple so to get 36 maple leaf for an octo-gem what do you reckon? at least 3x that amount of crates?
  11. probably as little as possible is what they have to say about it lol
  12. how about a free transfer to NA server? I'd take that tbh as the ms wouldnt be much worse than EU :D
  13. cancel premium, yep that loss of your 33cents per day will really show them this time !!!
  14. cancel premium? yep that will hit them where it hurts, oh wait your average whale will cover your premium in 1 day, you honestly think they care if you cancel premium or not
  15. the question is... Do you actually think they care? I would personally say the couldn't care less, whales are still gonna whale and it the same shit with EU maintenance every week yet despite the crap maintenance period, the ongoing server lag etc... the whales will keep on whaling and NcSoft will keep rolling in the moolah given to them on a daily basis
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