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  1. 2 Bugs on Blademasters

    I tried to figure out how to reproduce those two bugs but couldnt figure them out. They just appeared while I was raiding or doing dungeons, but often enough to start being really annoying. The first bug is when Lunar Slash (Tab) doesnt give Conflagration Buff. It just randomly happens and doesnt allow you to use Dragontongue, which is extremely annoying, since your Lunar Slash will be on a really high cooldown because of it. The second bug is something really strange. It happens mostly in raids, so Im guessing it has something to do with the low FPS & Stutters. In this bug, you Normal Stance RMB & LMB are not working, until you get into draw Stance & back out. This is especially annoying when you try to use RMB or LMB to trigger Conflagration Flash (F after RMB or LMB) to reduce the Lunar Slash Cooldown. In situation where you shouldnt use Q or E, it makes you unable to dps until Lunar Slash or 4 are off cooldown. If I manage to figure out how to actually trigger them all the time, I will edit this post.
  2. Currency for Outfits from Trove

    Some people stop at 300 keys, those might consider paying another extra 200 keys to get what they want. Thats why I didnt put the currency value lower.
  3. After opening over 600 Keys, without the Jinsoyun Wings or a 2nd Proc for the Mythos Costume, I stopped considering purchasing any more trove keys, since the procs are just utter jokes. Instead, I came to an idea to reward those, that just try to get the costumes from Trove. How about a currency that you get with every used key, that makes you be able to buy your desired outfit? Say, getting 500 Currency allows you to buy the Jinsoyun Wings, which would be 500 keys used. It would make people try and achieve that, since they will have their desired outfit. I just feel like its absurd that I pay for 700 keys and dont get 2 desired Outfits. Keep in mind, the Currency is ONLY for costumes, so it wouldnt offer some kind of p2w system. You wont be able to purchase materials, gems or any sort of thing like that. Its just a safety option to get your desired outfit. What do you think about this?
  4. The problem is that you lose 20 points if you DONT rejoin. But you lose even more if you rejoin and lose. Thats the issue that makes absolutely no sense. It makes you wanna just ignore your party and wait for the next round, since you will just lose 20 points, instead of potential 45.
  5. What is the exact purpose of this? Why do we get punished when we try to get back into our match asap? Can someone please give a solid reasoning for this? Why cant we just lose points & people that arent present at the end lose additional points. But why do we already have to lose our hard earned points before the match even ends? It makes absolutely no sense and literally makes you wanna just rage and quit even trying. The best part is: You encourage players not not bother reconnecting, because you punish them twice. If people dont reconnect, they just lose 20, while they lose 20 + the additional points from actually losing. Good job NcSoft! Encourage people to not care after disconnecting, way to go!
  6. Since the new patch offers a new material chest, that gives Orbs of any kind, except moonstones, prices are expected to go down. Yet the amount of moonstones people can farm is so low, that those prices will remain extremely high, as those people that do Battlegrounds/Dailies to earn moonstones, arent enough, and Naksun doesnt provide them anymore. So I had a suggestion to try out, which could result in several positive results for the community. By offering a guaranteed Sparkling Whirlwind key from the Dailytrain (NS-ST), people would have an incentive to farm them, since they would provide solid gold & materials. The prices would come to something, that is alot more accessible, especially with the new dailies, that give alot less gold. The second thought that should also be added, as some probably already thought that it would extremely annoying to have way too undergeared people filling up Battlegrounds, since the matchmaking is.. questionable. So as in the title mentioned, the Chest that is opened with the key should also be purchasable by using zen beans. It would increase PvP population, while rewarding those that try to learn their classes. Thats something that was really missing. There was no reason to try pvp, except for those that loved it. This would make people consider it and give it a shot, while actually getting something for their work. This would also provide newer players a way of earning money by playing more. Getting their daily keys and playing pvp daily, it would surely revive it a little bit. There will always be people that wont care about the keys, but there is also those that do it constantly, sitting on 0 keys everyday, since u get 0-3 every day. The keys points are , the key drop should be significantly higher and the Chest should be purchasable through Zen Beans.
  7. I dont quite understand what you are onto, would you mind explaining yourself? What does Flash Step have to do with this?
  8. I have already attempted to start a discussion there without any success. So I gave it another attempt in the general discussion. While I understand that alot of people complain for random stuff, this is an actual problem as reasoned above. It its well known that BMs are one of the worst classes for PvP, even confirmed by people "who know how to play". So please try and contain those unnecessary, useless comments.
  9. An insane problem for Blademasters is the fact that, if you attack an enemy with Dragonforge/Ascendant Weapon, you lose all your focus. The idea of the PVP Ring is to counter that by replenishing your focus. The problem with Blademasters though is the fact that you drop out of draw stance every ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ time you attack, making it literally impossible to maintain any consistent damage. While there are Warlocks & Gunners just spamming their skills cuz they dont have to care about such thing. This is unacceptable and puts blademasters way below any class in 6v6. It literally makes the PvP Ring completely irrelevant and useless. Can we please get the devs to see this, Im honestly tired of spending money into a class that just gets ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on in 6v6 because of little problems like this.
  10. The idea of HM abilities are to enhance the previous skill, yet on some classes, there is skills, that become a big change that isnt what you want in some cases. My best example for this would be the Lightning Draw/Searing Slash from Blademasters. Without the Hongmoon Part, your Lightningdraw is just an aoe ability, castable whenever you want. The HM Addition makes it a target skill, which takes important parts of the ability away, when looking at PvP. The best counterpart are Bladedancers, which can use it to finish someone off after an aircombo. That was a thing for BMs aswell back then, until we got the HM Skill. So I would appreciate if you implement the option to disable the "HM" part of abilities, so we can decide when its useful and when its not.
  11. Something that is extremely annoying since the appearance of Ascendant Weapons, is the fact that BMs drop out of draw stance everytime we attack someone that triggers the Benediction debuff. Honestly, whats the point of that? Whats the point of having a focus regenerating Ring when you drop out of your damaging Stance with every hit. Its putting us into an extreme disadvantage, since we dont have the chance to constantly switch into draw stance while in bg, as we use tab and 4 constantly. We cannot make any use of our draw stance abilites in the beginning of a fight, which is hinderung us extremely from outplaying the enemy. This should seriously be fixed.
  12. So lately we experience alot of changes in PvE. Mainly the nerf on pretty much every dungeon for Normal-Mode, making them just a dps fest, as there is no mechanics to look for. So having that in mind, I was thinking: If a new player doesnt have to concentrate on mechanics in normal mode anymore, why shouldnt he atleast use that free time in dungeons to maximize his/her dps? I saw way too many people with ridiculously low dps, comparably to their gear, which is just sad, as they will never really realize it. They dont see their dps, they dont know if its good or if its below average. By offering the DPS-Meter in Normal Mode, they could compare themselves to other people with the same class, and see if they are perfoming well, or worse. Whats the point of upgrading your gear, if your actual potential is in improving your rotations, as new players mostly lack that. We would avoid this problem by offering them to see their own dps, as it would make them automatically curious, whether other people with the same class deal more or less dmg than them. They would look more into the reason, and into their own rotation, and improve overall dps. If they have nothing to concentrate on normal mode, let them atleast improve their dps, so they can one day to Hardmode with mechanics. Imagine new players trying to deal with mechanics & learning how to dps. Its just a complete disaster. I'd like to hear your opinion about this idea.
  13. So alot of people are aware that assassins are a great part of 6v6 as they can make you invisible or even taxi you to skip alot of walking and hassle. Sounds nice and fair. But now I just realized that people actually abuse something, that I dont think was actually meant to be a reasonable way to get horns into your base. What they do is get an assassin behind the gate that doesnt open for the first 5 mins, and then taxi them through the wall, making them get to the middle base way faster than any other possible way AND avoiding any kind of enemy, as they cant get to them. Its a cheap trick that made people win by 50 points difference, which I dont find fair at all. This "bug" should be fixed, as you shouldnt be able to taxi people through an inpassable wall.
  14. I already made a topic, probably even two, about this retarded system they use in Arena & Battleground, where you lose 50 points when your game crashes and you dc from the round. 50 Points. The equivalent of 5 WINS. 5 Wins, not something that just happens in 5 rounds, no. So I lost 50 Points + the Points due to an actual loss, which was together probably 70 in BG. That is a retarded amount of Points as the rounds take more than 10 minutes, and you get like 10-13 points for a win. Seriously, this is just making you lose lust to even bother playing pvp in this game. How can you punish someone for gamebugs that cant be prevented? Its not like Im the only guy dcing from the server, its just the horrible optimization of this game making it happen every now and then. Seriously, change this method of penalizing people, this is not acceptable as a method. It makes everyone lose hope & lust to reach any higher rankings because the game decides to remove earnings that you got in the last 3 hours of playing. "What? You played 10 games and won 7 out of them? Wait, let me just remove those points, so you are back where you have been a few hours ago."
  15. Was doing battlegrounds today to farm some Points while frenzy was going on. Despite the fact that alot of times the enemy was having a team of hm14+ while we had to deal with hm 9-12, the worst thing just happened on my last fight. So if anyone could tell me why the system things "3 Golds & 3 Silvers" vs "5 Silvers 1 Bronze" is fair in any way, while the 3 gold team includes of all hm14+ again, and us around 9-13. How is this remotely logical? What kind of algorithm is written so badly that it makes things like that happen? Really, this is unacceptable.