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  1. Burn Builds VS Auto Detonate

    I just like to weave a 1 in a rotation once every 3rd pass. like lb,rb,2,lb,rb,2,lb,rb,1,lb,rb,2. it makes sure. burn stays up np. Also fire C is 10sec of burn. point is to burn lol xd. burn and dps. I don't really use fire X while pve honestly.
  2. Windstorm T2S2 dafaq?

    pro in this context seemed more towards elitist. Some of the worst are elitist. Not the actual good players that just are better. talking about those that "gear", "partner","comp". group. those that don't watch own gameplay and learn that "what could I do better?" is greatest question any gamer could ever ask themselves after every loss and win......
  3. haha broskis, If I pull out a 45 and you could be right next to me, you will die. I could pull out just a small .380 and you could be right next to me pulling to punch and still get one in the gut that will make you stop your shit...lmao some of you. Keep thinking you have a chance against someone that knows how to kill and shoot you dead without a thought. They don't pull out guns like in the movies. They move to your side pull out in stealth and shoot you either in head with 25+ or hit that gut hard. try again. atleast a 45 to the dome will remove your brain and do the job, getting hit there with a 556 or 25 will bounce around in there.
  4. So a summoner called me bad

    dunning kruger is very real. Those like that talk shit behind everyones back because they can't get better because everyone else is at fault. They are usually bronzers in other games.
  5. FM unplayable in arena

    actually KatHead, the best part of FM being super good that you perceive is that they are just way better players. YOMI plays massive role in matches. it is crazy that yoni and yomi are so close to each other, both have same philosophies in a way. that one letter changes everything though.
  6. FM vs BD/BM

    bd parry pierce and bm defense pierce X. remove the concept of ice or fire in pvp. in pvp you are both, atleast that is the way my mind takes it. I'm still learning everyday which is the only important thing. while you say ice fm do you mean the dungeon prespec ice fm build? or just the "none" ice option?
  7. LMB+RMB Spamming?

    well after burning, lmb,rmb,2 with beam does really good dmg. can weave 1 in between 2 lb,rb,2 for max blast on 1 and keeping that burn going. well lb,rb,1 instead of lb,rb,2.
  8. Does NCsoft want me to be antisocial?

    honestly if someone is botting, report them and vote kick. funny thing is that the bots that are running around lycan boss spawn, nobody complains about. bots are a disease that hits every game. some people enjoy watching automation happen while chilling.
  9. Is Flame Master worth playing

    loads of fun. many ways to spec. fire dungeon is really good ST. burn,dps. really fun big damage. if you beast mode it, plan on taking aggro a lot.
  10. Current class numbers in gold+ disgust me

    please update the list after one week. I'm curious to see the list of diamond+ players. who gives a *cricket* about challenger level retards.
  11. that comes from being new though, not from faulty game design...Imagine you just started LoL, now take that first teamfight you are in. You will not be able to see what is happening or anything. This game is very new in NA. Nobody could be a pro in this time frame unless they played for years on an other client. Try sparring against a class you have trouble with. sparr a whole lot until you know what they have, what they will do, also what they expect you to do, so much information isn't going to be mastered in 1 week.
  12. cogbyrn just gave everyone a massive lesson in gaming. Leave every match asking yourself what did I do wrong and you will get to levels only dreamed of in every game. many can't handle not having someone to blame for their loss.
  13. lol it is funny the amount of salt in this thread with the name carthage. they got salted to the max.

    against kfm don't feed their counter and don't attack the way they think your class opens. YOMI is the main winner in this game

    kfm takes the most to dominate with. once the skill is there they own the easiest. Just know they know what you will open with, they know how to counter and you will get 100-0 very easy if you aren't at the same level. These are all great things. Just because they know doesn't mean you can't know what they know and fake some shit out.