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  1. Character Transfare (NCSoft read).

    will not happen there is no code in place to allow it in any version/region
  2. Making costumes account-wide available

    you actually think they should spend time and resources to let you move free outfits to a different character that all you have to do is play the game and they will eventually drop for that character. Umm Ok right adding code is never simple you always risk breaking something else There are bigger issues that need fixed first
  3. Serpent Calling Bell

    Not really all that rare it drops on random mobs in Cinderlands got 1 from a vulture doing the wins half of quest got 1 from a wolf doing the wolf tails quest got one from an NPC mob in the same area on my new WL I am playing around with. Did not even have the quest yet for Master Choo that the item is for. Will probably get more in the area before I finish all the quests just like I did on my other characters. Prices have dropped in market though so not as valuable as they used to be. F5
  4. Lore section?

    Maybe butchered would have been a better choice of words. I meant it was poorly written poorly translated poorly localized... really over all just not a good story well other then brother Hajon that was pretty epic
  5. Wrong Fact she admitted she broke the rules that is all the fact that is needed courts convict people on confessions all the time it is legal and proper. But Fact they have game logs and account logs the facts there must support her admission of guilt. Fact Ncsoft stated a history of account sharing Fact is that they have access to the logs we do not means that they acted properly based on her self admission of guilt and support from the logs. Fact is there is evidence you just think some cheating rule breaking is ok. In Fact it is not.
  6. Open forum I respond to what I feel needs to be responded to. next time do not break the rules you will have no issues that way.
  7. I said NcSoft has them they do not provide them nor are they required to do so read the ToS. Fact is she broke the rules. Fact is they have the evidence. Fact is she got what she deserved for breaking the rules.
  8. They have logs of every action anyone ever takes in any game they run. Yes they have records and Facts and only Facts Matter.
  9. Where does it say it is ok to share your info with anyone. It does not account sharing is against the rules if you share with a family member and they delete your characters are you going to blame the company for not restoring or are you going to blame a hacker or are you going to admit you did the wrong and you deserve what you got. You are going to do like the op blame a hacker then cry about not getting things back the way they were before you broke the rules
  10. Sorry but I do not break the rules like you and the crybaby I do not share have never shared will not share account info. I will never have issues like this because unlike you I do not break the rules. If you think rule breaking is ok this thread alon should show you it is not it catches up with you eventually.
  11. No I have never and will never sahre my account info with anyone that is how issues happen. Had a friend share his info with his brother his brother was pissed sold all his stuff deleted his character tried to claim he was hacked and they proved he shared his info and refused to help or restore. That is just one of many examples of how people will share and then lie about it and claim they never deserved the punishment. It is also why you never share with anyone in a moment of anger who knows what they will do with your info.
  12. No what is shit are stupid people that think breaking the rules is ok then come cry when they get caught. Do not break the rules you will have no problems
  13. It is account sharing she gave her login information to another person. If they gave it out once we have no way to know how many other times they did.
  14. No one is happy you got hacked or claim you did. But we can not defend you because you did break the rules you shared your account information. There was no reason to do that for Ncoin they can be gifted and you can by Ncoin cards. You chose to break the rules you pay the price no one made that decision for you you made it.
  15. look at all the idiots that do not understand that breaking the rules is punishable and think breaking the rules is OK