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  1. did you actually talk to the quest giver at the end of the second part to actually give the item back to him? should show in the quest log if that is the missing step. Otherwise you may need to do a bug report and see if they can auto remove it from your inventory for you.
  2. that is in game as well as that is the only place I make purchases from the site has to many issues.
  3. uncheck the check mark that says save my CC Info for future purchases
  4. No hold on my first purchase..... You guys make this stuff up as you go right.
  5. What they really need to add is ala carte micro transactions. I would not by premium here based on the way the game was released but there are things I would buy like wardrobe storage say 5 slots for 1000 nccoin. Then expansions to that in groups of 5 for 500 nccoins. That gives them a much wider base to earn funds from and people can decide how much they want and are willing to pay for at a time. Premium simply is not worth it for a game at this early stage that you will cap in less then 2 weeks. But to have convenience like wardrobe storage I would pay for and as more content and outfits wer
  6. No 2 per server is the norm. Cosmetics are where they need to make money that has no effect on game play. Again simple point is you younger gamer's are so used to just tossing money for bad design you think it is normal to provide a crap product. It would be like for example just because there is a one legged tailor in your town it would be acceptable for him to charge you for the second leg on your pair of pants because that is the Norm to him.
  7. LOL I guarantee I make way more then you do but that is not the point. Morons that toss money to bad game design is what has ruined the MMO Market. People need to learn to speak with their wallets so game companies stop releasing games that are less then half done then try to sell you the individual pieces.
  8. researching and reading and watching others play only tells you so much. Different people with different reaction times need to play the character to decide if it fits their play style. Limiting to only 2 total character slots is nothing more then a asinine cash grab from people that have learned to bend over and take it from Korean grind and highly monetized games.... Two slots per server is the norm in the west.
  9. now why in hell would I get to 45 with a character I do not like or want to continue playing. really that is the issue no coin at LOW levels to buy slots while we learn what characters we want to play. that is why we need more then 2 slots in total. I have never played any game that limited you to 2 total slots 2 per server for f2p yes but not this crap of gouge the players at every step. Crafting is a joke in this game not even a tutorial how to join a craft guild at the level you can join/
  10. what gold the gold we buy from gold sellers since nothing drops much in the way of in game coin other then a cooper here a cooper there... What an Fing Joke NCSoft is.
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