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  1. Just as title says I have about 0! to sell on Yura Pm me here or in game if you want to buy~~ "Tempara" is my IGN so mail that! Thanks! Sold em all off thanks
  2. Yeah Asuramon, dragonfall would be a nice one to see. I couldn't seem to get any from that trove besides the tiger one and... the luna ones. I don't like rng-ing for stuff... Zini! I've panic bought certain ones over others because of the whole "One time only" spiel. Unfortunately, I have seen some of them pop up on certain days but oh well.... Like how chime is gonna be in trove very soon. It kinda blows how its a guessing/waiting game for me now though. Which is kinda why I started this thread so I and whoever else can have an idea. I also remember "soulmate" being one time only at one point. Funny how it's been recolored and sitting in the shop forever now though.
  3. So, with how often blue porcelain to me seems to be appearing in the shop (just once or twice "uggghhh"). I was wondering if business casual would make a return? I think I saw one of the business costumes appear so far in the rotations. I'm also wondering if any others business costumes appeared and if anyone by any chance knows which ones? ~business casual ref~ -ITT Discuss what costume do you want to see in rotation and did you manage to get it?-
  4. Hug gesture

    More....gestures..... FUND IT!
  5. You both act like people haven't been riding their profits from the previous events to get Scorpio stuff. It's called an indirect occurrence or basically people pretty much did win the wep from rng box profits. Obvious Trollbait post couldn't be anymore obvious. Why don't you answer it yourself since it varies to certain degrees? Or read the post LITERALLY 1 comment ahead of yours. Though reading might be a bit advanced for you and we should all just post faaaceeeesss!! ;d I think the better question you should be asking is "How do I end my statements without making readers feel like their brain just got taken out of a blender?".
  6. This late in the game people are still this delusional about it being P2win. Few things to set the record straight.. -Just because you can obtain X item from farming doesn't make the $ purchase of that same X item anyless p2win (how significant+ Exclusivity of X being bought with money vs everything else gameplay/gameplay time is what defines how p2win it is)- -"Whales are saving the game" False! whales only make up a certain percentage of the games economy. Whales also buy so f2pers can see them strut their stuff but when a majority of the f2pers (the actual playerbase) quit then rest assured the whales will quit too.- NCsoft has been profiting for a while off the players it has atm and where it goes idk. Lets just face facts here...people are quitting left and right (P2win pays a strong roll in the blame game imo), requirements on simple dungeons are getting worse and worse (EX...500 ap for Naryu lab- 540AP for most 4mans.) I've seen a 700 rec pop its head up once and I didn't think it was even possible to get that much yet.. People will just leave the party the second they see someone with less AP than them and the people with decked out epic equips don't even know how to avoid Yeti Aoes. AP doesn't equal skill and skill wont help you make money or gear up at the rate of the wallet warriors (the way things are now) so it just feels useless and people quit. The progression in this game is just constantly getting floped too so new players struggle unless they just buy and skip content. Pissing off the old players that fail runs with these inexperienced players or now find themselves being undergeared compared to them. Am I saying whales wont keep the game up? Not really NCsoft gotta make money. However, at the same time don't just dismiss people or give em a free pass cause they have a job. A game community needs to be made up of many different individuals. F2P MMO's are massive multiplayer games and wont last long without the masses. -You aren't winning anything by paying- Remember when Bsh 4 was a thing? Well if you don't reach what is considered by the masses a acceptable gear cap then you stand the chance of missing out on content but there's no rush (counting the days till necro and lair 4 are removed). + HM upgradeable gems , battleground -which I still haven't done after seeing a Destroyer 1 hit a 45k hp FM like release week of 6v6-, dungeon resets (<- I don't like this trend), and HM skills in general. Is Bns p2win to me? Yes it is wallet warriors will have more stats, time to do things, be favorable to partys, hell they could out buy me and destroy my gold/game time value too... but at the same time the game isint pay2play and I think more game time will put me in good standing. No way in I will be the best in the game without paying something but them paying2win just gives me a bigger hurdle to jump over in staying on par with them. Games should have challenges. Being the best in the game as a F2Per is undoubtedly an impossibility (atleast in Pve. Pvp is remotely debatable but more or less the same). I think true endgame was somewhere in the 5k G+ department? Where as I struggle to keep afloat at 110G. Does that make BNS bad? ^ Yes and No the community has grown so toxic and ignorant to these kinds of problems (and is quick to pass it off) that its sickening but the game is still very fun while you can detour around all of that. And that's the end of my thoughts on this p2win deal. I really hope they balance the economy better in later updates.... Vipercap was a good step but that's being removed and a edge is still given to the wallet warriors.
  7. Did you even read my post LOL... Paying to pick up a game off the shelf definitely doesn't make it pay2win nor does paying for more game content. Map knowledge might help you for the first day or two but again it isint game breaking and wont give you any advantage if you cant aim. Again paying for exclusive classes or w/e doesn't help if you cant aim. Everything boils down to....AIMING and or Teamwork. Atleast im pretty sure it use to in old cod. I've never played the garbage new ones past modern warfare where everything blows up and gives a free kill or a knife to the knee kills you. I can see you have though. Lmao Edjumacate yourself Peoples!
  8. Nope! there are plenty of online games that aren't pay to win particularly console games and fps (just about any you can think of) games in which are pretty straight forward in gameplay and don't give any players a specific edge over another yet still give a good refreshing experience each time you play with friends or online. I cant start up call of duty and pay $100 to unlock everything can I? Subscriptions keep the servers up, Vault costumes/ items cover everything else. This game has tournaments and merch too.... hell money shouldn't even be an issue. You seem to fail to understand the difference between paying for a game and paying to be better in a game. Not to mention I'm sure majority of the players in blade and soul play for either PVP or costume collecting/raiding. People like myself would continue to play for those reasons too. There's absolutely no reason for an event to shell out 600 G items on a whim and break the economy by rushing content.
  9. In this thread people say. "NCSOFT LIED TO YOU GET OVER IT!" Doesn't anyone care about the integrity behind these games?.. because to me its becoming more nonexistent.
  10. For the experience of living. Life sucks sure, p2win sucks too sure. But I still enjoy the content of the game and I'm not just gonna sit and accept the garbage quality of it though. However, when it is boring or becomes completely fruitless or I don't get any enjoyment out of it I will gladly rage quit life.(ok maybe not life) But BNS definately.
  11. so you made 4.6k Gold roughly plus some gems for your alts for $1000. That's quite a bit of spending money for the current content....
  12. Then don't trash real F2P players for "whining" about shady Ncsoft practices and then act like Ncsoft is the victim when their pockets are lined with MY money not even yours. You're worse than the people you describe. On another note... Im really hoping the economy balances itself out with this next update in a week cause.... I'm really on the fence alot of my friends I managed to coax into playing quit and I don't have much holding me back from doing the same. Not gonna be able to keep up with the 600 aps and all the AP everything gems everyone seems to have now for spending. Unless, I shell out more dough.
  13. You must be a undercover NC soft employee getting paid minimum wage in marketing. Go lookup their income and financial projections. I've seen their advertisements showing up around certain networks and etc so they are spending money they are getting. Nope P2W is bad and it always destroys a player base. When you reward someone for giving you money instead of them earning it with work it just completely removes the value of the reward. In this case more specifically people are getting rewarded to spend and not play the game. So, why would everyone else actually spend time to play it? Do I grind my daily's for 2 months or should I spend 50$ on some keys? and before the rest of you go stamping a label on my forehead I'm a Master pack founder won't be buying another membership at this rate though.
  14. I trust in Omeed

    With Bots farming gold 5x faster and 24 hours a day, people spending 50/100$ to get a good 700G in a day, and lobby partys spaming 600 ap+ reqs for instances. I don't understand how you all can say it hasn't gone pay2win yet. Sure the game is noted for its pvp and as long as no one talks about HM skills that aspect isint p2win THAT MUCH (but an edge is an edge). However, pve is just about dead in the water for any free players cause they will get kicked from EVERYTHING over the 600+ ap players. The currency exchange alone is proof of how zerged the value of G has been by the dollar in just a few days. I use to believe in omeed too... Beta trove was what I would have rather had.