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  1. My Warlock "Thick thighs save lives" ;)
  2. Getting laid doesn't stop one from being lewd on the internet >=3
  3. Last time I saw her, my foot was kicking her face.
  4. Lycandi playable race when? Lets create the demand people
  5. I agree. Its weird that this one daily quest auto-adds itself while every other one you need to pick up. I can see a lot of non-PVP players getting a little annoyed by this. EDIT: Oh wow, thanks Nog!
  6. I play on this server We constantly praise Hajoon as our lord and savior Hajoon is love Hajoon is life Read the letter, and be one with the universe
  7. Join Hajoon and use my sexy KFM or Cool Force Master as a muse :U
  8. No, you shouldn't have sold it :<
  9. Can I hulk out like Master Hong? =0
  10. There should also be a jiggle slider Far left is no jiggle at all Middle is natural movement Far right is Anime level
  11. My Lyn is ready to beat up anyone who calls him cute >:(
  12. I agree completely The max size they offer isn't big enough! Fixing the torpedo boobs on gons would be good too, Also people saying no to this? Its not like were asking to raise the minimum.
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