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  1. The shortcut to assign a button on the gamepad to the walk/run command has been broken since day 1, you can get rid of sprint on L3 because nobody uses that when you can double tap up. Also since the gunslinger update with the new emote UI and button assignment you can't even assign emote to gamepad, this is total crap... please fix or go back to how it was. you didn't even add any new ones, why did you fix something that wasn't broken?
  2. So do we lose everything after the wipe? or do we at least get to keep premium membership progress? I don't know why I was thinking we'd get to keep everything, kinda makes me not want to bother getting my last 5 lvls and doing any end game stuffs... please add in the faqs if we get to keep anything at all. Aside from that, the game is great and enjoying the changes from the stupid russian server version~
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